The German

He could be the stock markets on Wall Street and in the far east of recorded strong Einbussen…der DAX weak performance of course unable to escape… The German leading index took an extended downward movement in the second half of the month after a short stopover at 6,100 meters – up on under 5,700 points. Only in the last few days the chart image proved to be again somewhat friendly… Conclusion: After the roller coaster ride must be reflected in the may now, where for the DAX headed in the coming weeks. Given the fact that the DAX has already got the curve in February 2010 to the brand of 5,500 and a price rally could start in the connection, this level should be given a special meaning. The currently high nervousness investors makes one fear that the upside potential will make it for the German share index in borders. Frequent change of mood as this month would not really surprise… The European common currency has been shown may almost always in the month of their weak side.

This becomes obvious already, that the monthly average in April at $1,3406 lay, the ECB reference exchange rate had been established on 30 April 2010 at 1,3315 dollars and the euro during the month of may in the top plummeted to under 1.22 dollars. Losses of around 11 U.S. cents within one month are to describe as exceptional… Before werden…hier illuminates the closer circumstances a few data from may (ECB rates): 3 May 1,3238 may 1,2746 may 1,2969 14 May 1,2492 may 1,2349 may 1,2497 may 1,2360 27th 1,2255 was the main factor for the euro of course the tight budgetary situation… If you want to read the complete WiFiKon newsletter, please register through the following link:… Thomas Kruger

Green Money 2010 – Guide To Socially Responsible Investment Issues Jungle

Fox report ‘Green money 2010’ sustainability has become mainstream. In the shadow of the wind, green investment products have broken rail. Wind and solar were already booming. Meanwhile, real issues inflation is felt. Climate, geothermal energy, microfinance, water, forest, electric mobility: For every investor there is the matching theme and the products of the stock up to the certificate.

The variety of labels and products but often clueless leaves investors.”What can investors with numerous SRI products objectives and where the danger is the marketing by banks and product forging on the glue” to go? Example water: In the future the security of water supplies will be one of the most important tasks of mankind. And one of the most urgent: the world’s population grows steadily, and only one percent of global water resources are drinking water. To be added changes due to climate change. A new way of dealing with the lebendwichtigen resource is urgently needed. Basically, there are numerous ways to earn money with water.

Unless with the promotion (pumps, etc.), transportation, cleaning, or the desalination of sea water. Money can be earned at all points in the value chain. Which investments meet the SRI criteria, must be tested yet carefully. For example, Nestle sold some investors as a sustainable company, because it worldwide ensures that people are supplied with drinking water (bottled). Of course a good investment Nestle be. But whether the company meets moral and ecological standards, may be doubted. Green”investments are always a good bet for investors who are looking for a wide diversified portfolio. Sustainable investments imply that not the short-term yield objective of high risk. Longer run times and stable returns are hallmarks of sustainable investments. The Fox report Green money 2010 “clearly shows which topics have long-term potential and which products are the best – with detailed maps to the best products. So you keep track and find the matching green investment for themselves. More infos on Green money focus wood investments microfinance of investments of water green real estate geothermal and mixing plant forms of SRI products for every theme we analyze: the concept of the theme the market return and risk and specifically the best products Stefan Ziermann FUCHSBRIEFE, head of the Department

Berlin Investments

The since April 2012 in placement Immobilienansparfonds real values 11 invested in two other new objects in the German capital. Bamberg, 05.12.2012: The closed-end real estate funds acquires ownership in the Raj road and Schlettstadter road / Sundgauvian road and is now involved in nine objects. There are high-quality residential real estate with a total sales volume of approx. EUR 90 million. The PROJECT investment group and their closed-end real estate fund real values 11 continue on the growing Berlin real estate market. Berlin Center is undoubtedly the most sought after districts of the capital and most attractive property locations of in Germany. In the Raj road PROJECT built three apartment buildings with approximately 125 condos in upscale design and facilities.

The plot has a total size of 3,905 square meters and borders directly on the river Spree. The planned commercial area includes approximately 11,000 square feet. The total sales volume amounted to EUR 46 million. The plot is located in a quiet, parallel on the Spree River running impasse with mostly high-quality renovated old buildings with residential use or service industries, in particular in the field of design, art, culture and communication. Shops for daily living needs and various restaurants and Cafes are within walking distance, as day-care centres and schools. The Alexanderplatz square is just a kilometre away with his wide range of retail, as well as its connection to the entire regional and supra-regional transport network. Nine object investments in eight months end of November already, just eight months after placement, the savings fund specializing in real estate project development had reached guaranteeing placement of 10 million euros and made three additional investments in Berlin, Nuremberg and Munich. In addition to the Raj road, of closed-end real estate funds now acquires shares in the total ninth object in Berlin-Zehlendorf.

The plot is Schlettstadter street / corner 18.950 sqm Sundgauvian road and borders on two quiet residential streets, and in the West on a Garden construction. Apartment buildings in an open construction with two floors be built in two stages including attic, total 111 homes in upscale facilities, as well as 111 underground parking spaces. The newly created area covers approximately 9,500 square meters. Zehlendorf is located in the South Western of part of Berlin, and is considered one of the classiest and most expensive residential areas with the highest standard of living in the city. In the surroundings there are extensive recreational areas with lakes and forests as well as attractive sports and leisure activities. The total volume of the object Schlettstadter street / corner Sundgauvian road is 43.5 million euros. The construction phase begins in 2014 and will be completed in 2016. The underlying the savings fund, conceptually-related blind pool loses with a total of nine object investments further importance. The high quality of real estate developed by the PROJECT is transparent, visible and speaks for itself “, so Wolfgang Dippold, managing partner and founder of the PROJECT investment group. The PROJECT real values Fund 11 is still in at least six more value real estate to invest in selected German metropolitan regions and it come out on all levels without any foreign capital. The projected yield is about six percent per year after expenses. More information under and now also at YouTube watch?

Managing Director

Interview with Hans j. Hildebrandt of Qware24 choosing the right broker decides, whether one is on the market or perish”Hans j. Hildebrandt is an expert in fully automated trading systems. Due to lack of profitable investment opportunities, he called the project Qware24 1998. Initially, trading modules were developed for my own use, which can be rented now also by interested investors. Because we had the opportunity to gain insight into accounts which are managed by Qware24 with the Tradingsoftware, it was possible to take the results of careful scrutiny with retroactive effect to 1 January, 2011. Hans j.

Hildebrandt explained in the following conversation, what is important in the use of Qware24. The trading result tested by us are costs adjusted (incl. software rent) now in our database for managed accounts available. Mr Hildebrandt, would first of all please your company briefly introduce us and respond, who represent the Qware24 GmbH & co. KG and What kind of services you offer? Hans j. Hildebrandt: first of all is to say that Qware24 came out of investoor KG, a Stuttgart-based project development and joint venture. It is a project of investoor KG and like all other societies of the Hildebrandt group essentially a family business. Initially, I was project manager of investoor KG for some years, in the meantime, I am the Managing Director.

Qware24 was established in 1998 and since then is my hobby. A virtue out of necessity was due to an adequate availability of capital at this time on the one hand and a lack of appropriate profitable investment opportunities on the other, and we have invested in the project Qware24. In 2008 we decided then, to provide the interested investors in the form of available commercial module Qware24. Qware24 is maintained by four people, two people with software development which are busy. According to our knowledge, the Qware24 does not currently have a registration as Asset managers in Germany.

The Federal Supreme Court

The experience in other open-ended real estate funds, also from the had the decision on the continuation of the legal maximum suspension period to meet, however, shows that this was not crowned by success. Compensation for SEB Immoinvest investors regardless of investors the possibility of obtaining damages due to incorrect advice, do not overlook any leave. The experiences of the last few weeks and months show that just lack awareness about refunds, so those commissions received the distributing banks and savings banks for the transfer of Fund investments, represents a good starting point for the successful enforcement of claims for damages. The Federal Supreme Court has noted here that banks and savings banks were obliged since 1990, to inform about such kickbacks. For cases where from summer 2008 to purchase of fondant rush at the SEB Immoinvest was advised, is to note that there were numerous reports in the business press, in addition the with the global real estate bubble burst and the Impact on the open real estate funds concerned. Numerous courts have reveal, that they see a duty of disclosure of the investment advisor regarding these reports and the market development is shown.

Was so this not elucidated, these courts see good opportunities for the investors claim damages. You have drawn the SEB Immoinvest shares and feel incorrectly advise? We like to enforce your claims for you. Call us at. Nittel Banking and capital market law firm contact Mathias Nittel, lawyer specializing in banking law and capital market law ‘ Alexander Meyer, lawyer Heidelberg: Hans-Bockler-Strasse 2 A, 69115 Heidelberg phone: 06221 915770 Fax: 06221 9157729 Munich: residential street 25, 80333 Munich Tel.: 089 25549850 Fax: 089 25549855

Kuma International Ltd

Cactus invest the first free market place for exceptional investments: Find free investments, evaluate, compare, directly invest, achieve high returns. The Board of Directors of Kuma International Ltd. announced last week officially the start of the German-language version of its new Web platform for exceptional investment Until the autumn, also an English version will follow in the course of internationalization of the service. Why we developed Cactus invest: every person, every thing, every business and every website should have a reason for your existence. Why have we so lifted Cactus invest out of baptism? Cactus invest is the result of a long search for the Holy Grail of financial freedom.

On the way there allowed himself some error of each Member of our team, repeatedly lost his entire savings, landed almost on the street and had to pick up is zero again. And why? A lack of experience and information and too much confidence. So it goes, dozens every day if not hundreds of people who put their money in the sand in good faith on the fine-sounding words of a consultant, either slowly or quickly, and in one fell swoop because inflation eats the puny yield remaining after deduction of the expenses, because once again a deceiver dissolves in air or the value of one share of people just cut in half. Purely statistically you are likely to have had dear reader at least once this experience. On the other hand several promising projects not implemented, people need to bury their brilliant ideas because they are not able to find the necessary capital, to an idea into reality. There are 2 reasons for the purpose of existence of Cactus invest: If you are investor, then we will give you the opportunity for free to find out about investment and investment opportunities. They can get an idea what it is about and educate themselves, so that they understand what is offered.

Management Thurner GmbH

Romania investment fraud or simply bad advice? Leipold & Coll. submit complaint against a financial consulting company on Lake Starnberg. Background is the recommendation to invest in a system model for the Swiss smooth savings bank. Above-average yields and a safe investment have been promised. The money should be available at all times and insolvency-safe are kept in a separate account. Actually turned out after a short time, that the smooth no approval for deposit transactions had savings bank after the German KWG. BFin ordered the immediate processing of and the smooth Sparkasse then filed for bankruptcy. The promised redemption materialize until today.

The second mediated project was a company called okoinvest & management Thurner GmbH in Romania. The paid-up capital should be paid out again after a short time to 120%. Actually, the alleged project was discontinued shortly thereafter and the invested capital is completely lost. The delicate at this facility was, that one of the shareholders of the Asset management means using checker of the Romanian society was also from Lake Starnberger See. Both projects are either a particularly brazen case of investment fraud or a very bad investment advice. In both cases, the property consultancy firm with little effort would have can protect the money of their customers.

FARAD Insurance

“Best-of-wealth management is a ‘ private insurance solution’ with the best asset managers in the German-speaking area of monetary assets, apply flexible on the capital market and still tax-protected” be. This concern employs more and more especially after the introduction of the flat tax on the majority of investors. The financial sector has responded and offered as solution-based capital forming life insurance increased investment funds. The innovative Luxembourg insurance broker FARAD international goes with his concept best-of-wealth management”new ways. Background while capital gains from conventional portfolio investment, mostly in the form of interest, dividends, gains since 1.1.2009 regularly subject to withholding tax (plus solidarity surcharge, if any church tax), are income incurred under a funded life insurance, either only when actual inflow through termination or after the due date of the final withholding tax (plus solidarity surcharge, if applicable)Collects Church taxes). During the contract period, no withholding tax is done so.

In middle-age payment, i.e. under the conditions of a minimum contract period of 12 years and the payment of insurance benefit after the age of 60 beyond just half of the difference between benefits and contributions in the amount of the personal tax rate when the policyholder is taxed. Thus, half of the income remains tax-free. And paid the insurance, so in death insurance benefits including all income achieved over the period of insurance the insured person (s), is einkommensteuerfrei. “Flexibility and diversification brings the highest return for investors of particular importance are the criteria for a tax-compliant standard” asset management. Such exists if a LV-based investment limited exclusively on publicly distributed shares in investment funds or internal insurance funds, which the characteristics publicly-available funds are reflected. The protective umbrella of the life insurance but then leave the investor in the rain when he brings an existing investment account as insurance premium, may issue instructions to an asset manager appointed by the insurance or even the asset manager has been charged by the investor (policyholder) or the insured may obtain a change of the asset manager.

MPC Ship Fund Fund

Crisis leading world economy to slump in the ship’s cargo revenues the crisis of ship funds has in 2012 as expected on pace – and the number of ship funds bankruptcies increased. Also shipping funds of the emission House MPC are affected by the crisis. Charter revenue under the plan, suspended dividends and residues in servicing the loan. The recording of up to 50% of the ship mortgage loans in Japanese YEN, which has resulted in significantly higher interest payments and an increase in the debt (in USD) due to the decline of the dollar against the YEN value addition in MPC ship funds. MPC Fund 131 – MS “Santa-R ships” MPC Fund 208 – MS “Santa P ships” MPC Fund 283 – “MPC open fleet Fund”-Santa B ships MPC Fund 287 – MPC reefer fleet Fund 1 MPC Fund 311 – “MPC reefer of fleet Fund 2” MPC fund 376 – “open product tanker fleet” MPC Fund 395 – “CPO North America ships 1″ MPC Fund CPO North America ships 2 with many MPC Fund ships is there in the present situation only a matter of time, until the banks non-performing loans advertise and exploit the ships. The investors, whose Kapital is usually lost remain on the track. Crisis leading world economy to slump in the ship’s cargo revenue trigger of the current crisis were rising along with the development of the world economy fluctuations of ship transport prices. For the use of ships to paying rent and transport prices – subject to Charter rates and freight rates since always been cyclical fluctuations.

This known and obvious fact were often hidden in the design of ship funds and the advice of investors by their advisors. Corresponding risks were not mentioned in our experience in numerous talks regularly with clients. Currently attainable ship revenue (Charter and freight rates) are flying low.

Clerical Medical Investors

Clerical medical: Federal Supreme Court opens the way for claims by CMI for more than ten thousand investors who invested in insurance policies, the British firm clerical medical investment Group Ltd. (CMI) with the names Wealthmaster noble investors, have the long-awaited judgements of the Federal Supreme Court (BGH) from 11 July 2012 (122/11 IV ZR IV ZR 151/11, IV ZR/164/11, IV ZR 271/10, IV ZR 286/10) different legal opportunities. The Supreme Court said aggrieved investors claims for damages on the one relating to faulty advice in advance of participation in so-called “pension models” such as safety compact (SKR) the Group of snow or snow pensions, LEX concept to retirement system pension Novarent, Europlan, Smart-In concept, euro-wealth plan, individual pension. > more information about damages of CMI investors on the other hand he noted the commitment by CMI regular withdrawals, which promised in so-called “sampling plans” and unreservedly in the insurance policies laid down, regardless of the proportion of units assigned to the insurance contract on an investment pool for the entire in the policy to make period, provided that the intermediary in the consultation with the necessary clarity has explained one such reservation. > the BGH said more information about the rights of investors of CMI-collection plans in addition the market price adjustment practised by CMI to be inadmissible. > more information for investors who have terminated their CMI policies what mean these decisions specifically for CMI investors? “There are two different groups: (1) investors who are still not announced the CMI policy (1a) investors in a”pension “model with a credit-financed one time investment investors, aimed at a pension model” such as safety compact pensions (SKR) Group of snow or snow pension, LEX concept retirement system pension Novarent, Europlan, Smart-In concept, euro-wealth have involved plan or individual pension and still not announced their CMI police, have basically three ways.