Assembly Hall

Most of the schools of today provide an excellent education and students are well prepared to deal with society, but there are other schools that many are referred to as excellent but do not comply with what really needs to be excellent, since only they dedicate time to its emphasis on one side leaving the other areas, and other areas also are fundamental. The excellence must depart from provide comfort customers i.e. students, and to see it comply with all the requirements to be excellent as the curricular standards are determined for each course achievements and have the pofesores suitable for each subject that has good treatment with students, which dominates matter, requiring at the same time but without sobrerecargar to the student. To make students feel comfortable at school must be considered as a first step class schedule already in very early hours of class students will not have enough time to sleep is essential in for academic performance, lowering the time disminuiran also students who arrive late to school and also It is in bad taste left entar to college students but do not let them enter class by he arrived late, if not going to admit to class not are you should let the college course with a time moderate not habria students arriving late. The school structure must be also optima and organized i.e. offices on one side, halls preschool the other and primary in another sector and secondary in another so are mantega order and serious papa better if pre-primary, primary and secondary uniforms were different with the style that identifies to the College but that distinguishes one level other. The school also must have the entire classrooms, the cafeteria with tables, patio for each level and relevant showrooms as acts, audiovisual, computing, social, mathematics, laboratories for each subject area cientifica, among others, staff room would be ideal each level would have their respective Assembly Hall, laboratories, courtyard, staff room, and for each level have their teachers. Everything should be duficiente at school i.e., adequate space, adequate rooms, sufficient desks, sufficient teachers and sufficient staff work, that is kind and patient, and if there is staff of toilet that does not get the students to perform the toilet and if students need to know that they will implement a class of cleanliness but not toilet outside a class and if it is due to lack of awareness that will call the parent and apply the corrective adapting. All papers of the institcion must be in perfect order and the College should seek always to improve the quality of its teaching and prepares students well so are good people tomorrow and serve society.