Hidden Curriculum

For the field that interests us in this space, which is the field of education, and for the sake of a suitable curriculum management, it is necessary to know clearly that we understand by curriculum. According to Arnaz, curriculum is Plan that norm and explicitly leads a concrete and specific teaching process learning that develops an educational institution (Arnaz 2000, pp.67) this definition, although it is valid, refers to a more specific and concrete approach of the teaching-learning in educational institutions. Other broader definitions and that they relate more the purpose of the topics that we will publish, we are told of the curriculum that is: A systematic compendium of the aspects relating to the planning and development of the teaching-learning process. Deemed equivalent to terms as a plan or program (albeit with a strong tecnico-pedagogico component). Elements of the curriculum are the objectives, contents, methodological principles and criteria of evaluation. This concept, which has a broader focus of the curriculum, to be referred to the systematic aspect of this, is that, in principle, we need to know, because it involves a correct concatenation of different elements that affect it and, therefore, we are forced, as actors and part of this compendium systematized to know each one of the elements of the chain, for a proper curriculum management. As it can be seen from the above definition, the elements of the curriculum are: original author and source of the article objective