Sources Of Income

Maintaining employment, as sole source of income is not safe, and depend on it is a risk that we should protect ourselves. A fixed employment, is an illusion of security. If it is to achieve safety at work on expectations of any person is that he has lost touch with reality. Safe work follow the path of the dinosaurs: total and imminent extinction. I think that you should be removing the concept “employment insurance” from your vocabulary. Who miss them you can always remember them in the museums of history. As well as I could give you another example that tells me that no boat is safe outside the Harbor, but that the boats were built to sail the seas, not to seek security. In the future only security consist of: maintain creative of for life, and relearning of lifetime.

If we are able to create utility, meaning and add value, constantly, of one and another way, then and only then, not us missing income. That is why each time that have the option of tackling a new opportunity, is a challenge that carries its own development and self-improvement. That if we trust in ourselves always will have victory and financial success. Then because settle for a single source of income? To get something else needed before to be a different person and do different things. Any area of our life improves when we enhance, but not before.

Always in that order. Money is no stranger to that rule. So to make our economy change, before we have to change us.