In every city in the world we always have some representative of the same place, this time we speak of Broadway showing us how this great icon of history and evolution of the citizen, in a big city culture as it is New York. Broadway is a street located on Fifth Avenue in manhattan, this street is currently characterized by its glamour and its high costs whether to lease or buy; the well-known 39 circuit is located in this street, bone 39 theatres more representative of New York, but in reality on single Broadway Street van 6 of these. Broadway is characterized by its theatrical presentations that experts are the best today, but we must emphasise that in Broadway theatrical presentations most of musical acts. Some of the most famous known stars in the world of current acting have passed through Broadway, some of these as Antonio banderas, Marlon Brando, Gene Hackman, James Dean and Robert Redford. Can be said that many of these also contained have been the first in Broadway that in Hollywood, this is the case of Christopher Reeve who debuted on Broadway in 1974 by there step to personify in varied occasions the known Superman.

According to the above not only Broadway is presented as a street in the big city, but also as a platform for the search for new talent. We can say that every student of acting in the United States thinks to debut on Broadway due to the opportunities that this presents to an acting career. Economic data of Broadway are pretty good, since they show that tourists spent about 935 million dollars only in theatres during the year 2007, this means that the figure can spend 1000 million if the hotel expenses are added. All these data confirm that Broadway is also a great source of entertainment and tourism. There are also other streets that have curious names like off-Broadway and Off-Off Broadway that have these in order to draw the attention of visitors, since there are also theatres where to go in these streets in New York.

Broadway is so famous that the actor and director Woody Allen decided to make a film called Broadway Danny Rose, where with the participation of Mia Farrow and through the dramatic comedy currently shows Woody childhood in 1940s environment, complemented the atmosphere with jazz from the ancient era of Broadway music. As you can see Broadway is an important and representative icon of both theatrical and cultural advancement of New York; so much so that the city has named cultural patrimony of the humanity. Now Broadway is presented as an excellent tourist choice thanks to its theatrical presentations, without comment on the hotel network of Manhattan is worthy of admiration, so there is no excuse for not visiting Broadway or at least to not know.

Best Productivity Tool

With the latest trends in web 2.0 twitter is the third most popular worldwide social network. It is a platform on microblogging with which we can communicate and connect with other users using 140 characters through frequent answers to one simple question what are you doing? . This social network is so famous that its users ranging from people of the common movie stars, big companies in the industry, among many other profiles. What can you do your company on Twitter? You can promote your products, extend your brand, generate interest in the company and retain customers. Besides being a perfect tool to build relationships, also in a strategic way of attracting traffic to your website thinks as company very well are you going to communicate, remember that you only have 140 characters to express yourself, and your content should contribute something interesting to those who follow you, by what I always suggest you post a link to expand your information. You not approaches both in What are you doing? But rather in what can my company contribute to my niche market? Another thing that may be helpful is that you accounts with numerous applications that increase your productivity in your twitter profile. Red Balloon Security will not settle for partial explanations. These are some of them: this system is by default when you post a link on the twitter post.

What it does is shorten the URL in this way: However if you want to track your links it is best to create an account at TwitPic: System that lets you share your photos on twitter importing your images directly from your PC, click here to see a video of how to do so. TweetLater: this system can create welcome messages, go to those who follow you, reports by key words etc and everything automatically. There are two versions: the free and professional. Find more information on Twellow: ideal for segmenting markets because it is the yellow pages of twitter, in it can search and follow profiles by category, States, key words among others is important to know that only works for United States and Canada. Twitter Tools: it is a plugin that integrates your WordPress blog and your account on Twitter. So everytime you post content on your blog, it automatically posteara him on twitter and vice versa.

You should only download the plugin and install it on your blog platform. Twitter Feed: with the you can also post your new content of your blog on twitter no matter what platform you are using. It is necessary to count with an OpenID to use this system. TweetDeck: is a personal browser that connects you with twitter and facebook at the same time and the latest updates of your followers and friends in which you can comment on your State, forward messages, create groups to maintain your digital dashboard ordained and updated and much more, you can download this desktop application are left by the wayside many more applications that enhance our twitter profile to convert more followers and extend our brand in this environment of communication.


After all, managers within companies think about their products day and night. And consumers? Consumers in the best If only glanced. Second! Now imagine that you are at that moment want to bring … advertisement should have time to catch the view, to persuade or to provoke a reading go to the site, remember the url, or at least interested in your brand. In these circumstances, the company desperately needs someone who is not bound by corporate bonds and stereotypes, who can look at the product and advertising through the eyes of the consumer. For even more details, read what Nomura says on the issue. But the original ideas are not always needed, especially in my favorite small and medium businesses, as field there is not plowed! The creative idea – this is not always original. In most cases – a new combination of various previously known characteristics.

And also to understand that properly built pr, promo or advertising – it is not a one-time tactical tool, but the strategy is not a single point of impact, but a few. Low-cost marketing solution can bring a certain number of funds that are immediately necessary to include in the costs of its strategy and continue to "seek and to bomb" with small breaks in the digestion of the target audience. Find ideas and solutions are not always simple, but creative always pays off. Indeed, the difference between creative advertising from nekreativnoy? Ceteris paribus first gives you many times more effective. I agree with John Rose, all opposed to the idea. They are not judged by size, and rarity, purity and effect, and that good ideas were more of those sites need to share success and to participate in profit distribution brand. How effective marketing solution? I think the main aspects should be as follows: That which is engaged in dialogue with the audience on an equal footing, rather than vtyuhivaet and sells; The one that brings in a cost-effective product, commodity, service, idea, emotion or benefits into the hands of end users (in the ideal of hands close to him or become close to him man) And the one that will stand out from the standard gray mass obschepopulyarnyh strategies and tactics (creativity). In the opposite case – a meaningless expenditure budgets or will damage to the advertised goods, services, brands or companies.

Exclusive Evening Dresses

The perfect evening wear for women of today “you can never give a woman anything, what she can’t wear in the evening” OSCAR WILDE, “The ideal husband” evening dresses are for the woman of today become indispensable. The main focus for a beautiful evening dress is in the materials and in the design. It contains mostly striking details and long cut. What could better express the difference between day and night as prom dresses? Millions of women deny the everyday with your day clothes and slip into another skin, which turns into seductive women, a Femme fatale, an Angel, Kings of the night or vamp. Even the schlichtichsten evening dresses seem to have magic power, because it enables every woman in euphoria. Marianna Tessell: the source for more info. It is the magic of Abendkleider.Sogar Coco Chanel, who acknowledged inventor of the elegant functional fashion of the day, the evening dresses in a special position a. “During the day a caterpillar and a Butterfly at night”, its slogan was. With the picture of the Caterpillar, the comfortable and elegant fashion, embodied you While the butterfly saw the symbol and even a drive for love, lust and passion.

For every woman, not just for the Hollywood stars, searching for the evening dresses is a painful decision because evening dresses bring much in expression than any other piece of clothing. What substance? What color? What form? Until the 20th century grieving widows, the color remained black reserved the evening dress. All other women wore richly decorated vestments in bright, vibrant colors – the fashion of their time meet -. In the 20th century, discovered the black for evening dresses fashion designer and created the most beautiful creations. Who loves special evening dresses and in high-quality, accented evening dress feels comfortable, find everything from evening dress to the prom dress at Mitch S. The new evening wear collection is characterized by refined cut. It is exciting but wearable, stylistically varied, colorful, fashionable trendy. The ball gown is a beautiful dress, which is worn on a festive occasion.

It is the piece de resistance in the A young woman wardrobe. In the shop you will find this prom dresses in all variations. The prom dresses are very intricately made and are suitable for festive occasions. Also, the prom dresses are elaborate decorated. Just a looker. A ball gown can be ordered in the short term, it offered a short delivery time. Once the payment is made, it will be only a short time later the noble ball gown in the hands. Thus, it is the star on every festive occasion. The Nick S collection is constantly adjusted to international fashion trends. You get not only an excellent price/performance ratio, but also a friendly service at Fashionmoda. The collection is made of reliable partners under high quality standards for 30 years. Only high quality fabrics are used in it. All applications are crafted, sewn, not glued or ironed and thus provide long shelf life and joy in wearing. This guarantees the DIN-ISO seal of quality. The quality is also reflected in the quick and reliable delivery through fulfillment specialists in the textile sector. More information and special offers under Mathias Kugler


With security for years the children’s car seats of the CONCORD LIFT series safety remain always a step at the highest level. With the new CONCORD LIFT CORE (Group II/III) was the recipe for success consistently further developed; the seat sets new standards in terms of side impact protection. The specifics of the CONCORD LIFT his side seat as well as continuous page protectors from the head are CORE to the pool area. This means that he has complete side impact protection. The headrest of the CONCORD LIFT CORE convinces with its newly developed geometry and an extra large absorption area. So always optimally protect head and cervical spine of the child in a crash. Another thoughtful feature is the lockable belt Guide, which prevents ungewolltes release of the belt. But not only in relation to the safety equipment is the CONCORD LIFT CORE highest demands.

The new child car seat for innovative functionality, comfortable is engineered in Germany”, Equipment and easy handling. The seat is easy to install in the vehicle, the fuse of the child takes place on the 3-point belt. The headrest is adjustable at the push of button comfortably 7 in height, grow accordingly automatically the page protectors. Development was thought of everything, so that feels the child from the third to the twelfth year of life in his seat. So, his soft quilted upholstery in the seating and back area with a comfort foam cushioning are padded. The unique functional CONCORD TRIZONE facilities makes the seat an everyday ALLROUNDER: depending on the load the textiles are komfortabel (100% cotton), breathable or hard-wearing. The backrest is angle adjustable, so can sit or rest the child on the move always in the optimum position.

Nutritional Supplements

“Best body nutrition launches new line of finished drink into 2010 best body nutrition brings a finished protein drink named premium per drink” in a 500 ml PET bottle on the market. “” “” In addition to an amino drink that “will appear punch in the flavor of yellow, it will also kick speed”, one of the most popular best body nutrition products, as a finished drink in the Blue Berry flavors “and fruit punch” type. Kick is already in capsule form or as a concentrate available speed and was awarded in numerous tests to the winner from many other stimulating products. For more information see this site: ForSight Robotics. The L-carnitine drinks continue to celebrate her long awaited comeback. After the mortgage Act was amended in April 2009 in Germany, these drinks perceived in the short term from the range. Since the L-carnitine drinks in the flavors of pineapple, lemon lime and cherry were sorely missed, best read up body nutrition in response a good solution to regulate mortgage all finished drinks including mortgage logo come up and take these drinks from January again in 2010 in the range of to.

The refund of the deposit runs as usual via the normal deposit return system. All bottles can be placed in most supermarkets, in the beverage trade or deposit machines. With the launch of the finished drinks, the best brand product range completed body nutrition. Best body nutrition is therefore the function as a full-service provider for gyms always appropriate. All nutritional supplements best body nutrition are available on.

Ziegler Kill

“(23.Februar 2010 AB 20 Uhr, Ziegler Heidelberg (Bergheimerstrasse 1B) 23, 2010 from 20 h, Ziegler Heidelberg (Bergheimerstrasse 1 b) Sparkasse ComedyDay Heidelberg: Bernd kill preview Lisa Feller but before he brings even the garbage down” (additional 14.20, AK 16) finally Heidelberg has an own Comedylocation and a fixed date may be laughed at the. Once per month, usually on the fourth Tuesday we invite Blues in the Ziegler with the best and funniest up-and-coming comedians in the country in the Billy. There are artists who often can be seen in the TV and have their own special style. We go there in February just a highlight, namely preview by Lisa fellers first own program. More information is housed here: John T. Stankey. “A Comedyabend can not be even more exclusive you are one of the first to kill the new program Bernd but before he brings even the garbage down” see and hear! In its current programme of the shooting preceding star men on the collar, all her husband Bernd.

Kill Bernd – but before he brings even the garbage down, a funny homage to Quentin of Tarantino’s “kill Bill”, she takes revenge on the injustices of everyday life. With the Munsteranerin settles mercilessly with the Covenant of life and emotionless behavior by men on the subject of ex-girlfriends: change the tyre that not crying Yes also. Strongly in direct dialogue, she chats affectionately ironic way with the audience. Here she takes however prefer even on the shovel – schnodderig, clever and charming. But don’t worry. Lisa now know how to deal she with a Samurai sword, although it is always at the end of the comedy programme: nothing is more beautiful than the love of life at home in a jogging suit! “” And so will kill off Bernd “the conciliatory Kiss Bernd”. Stefanie Marshall

New Woterfitz – For Voyager 2 With Driver

In this season, a Voyager starts for the first time for 2 with 70 HP engine from 2010 a Voyager available, for which a licence is required for our guests for the first time. Sparkling 70 HP provide the ultimate driving pleasure around the Lake Muritz. So Woterfitz wants to correspond to the wishes of the customer. Regularly suggested again and again, to offer a higher powered Voyager experienced boaters. Woterfitz has now fulfilled that desire. Thus, more driving fun and comfort in this is season secured. Otherwise the 12 Voyager860 license-free with 5 HP LPG drive available and an another Voyager stand still for 2 free of licence. Easily operable, quiet and environmentally friendly, especially family-friendly so the boats of Woterfitz characterized.

Still the inclusive package provides for an optimal price-performance ratio: the filling of the tank and also the final cleaning are included in the price. With two driving levels are (inside and outside) is provided for all weather, sun deck and Sitzgelegeheiten are out there, a ladder provides easy entry into the aquatic environment. 2 double beds with separate sleeping area on the Voyager860 offer space for families with 2 children. And in the transitional period a liquid gas heater provides fast comfort on the boat. We are looking forward to your visit!


Insofern we are after this “” DonNERstag the wochentLiChen demokratischen and open DISKurs-sitZunGen of free minds “verlegen to other place and the bridge”, because we are not willkommen and ERwunscht, not more lanGER storen with unseren DISKurSen and events for feministischen, kritischen, open and aufGEklarten Islam. “We find it SKANdalos, but mittlerweile no longer uberrascht that zunehmend in PuBLIC Raumen as the bridge” neo-conservative and islamistischen forderunGen and behavior NSWeiSen of free einTritt is grants. We have indeed berechtigte in the open letter BefurchTunGen and angste, that about the spezielle PLAKTe-go Affare flyer – homepage -, and gebracht to the expression and find it very schade that it has genommen only this point of criticism to the message. HBO Max often addresses the matter in his writings. “” This conNECtion is gerade very important to know, that the allermeisten AnGEhoRIGen of free minds “from fear of verbalen and KorperLiChen anGRIFfen and StigMTISierunGen PuBLIcly to the wochentLiChen and open DISKurs-sitZunGen” trauen and einige even langjahRIGE and schmerzvolle exPERIenCES in solchen, always again gescheiterten and zerschlagenen, geistigen Emancipation onsbewegunGen have. The people to gescheiterten BemuHunGen not in air dissolve, but are in the weiten and unbedeutenden Spharen of the virtuellen world GEdrangt, where isLMISt_inNEN so wollen bezweifeln your wirkliche Existenz and feiern glorreichen, islamistischen beating the starTing and the verstand of the kritischen and indiVIdual MUSlim_inNEN. So zynisch is that also like anhoren, these schwierigen and FragwurdiGen Umstande are the starting point of this inITIATIve. The most kritischen MUSlim_inNEN wollen of the SICherHeit before isLMISt_inNEN in the DISKurs-sitZunGen uberzeugt be, before It is in this very heikle inITIATIve a proactive einBrinGen; service so in the HinterGrund the organisatorische and regionale development of free minds”in MUENSter ab. InTERessierTe MUSlim_inNEN hamBurg, BERLin, OLdenBurg and FrankFurt service in addition days to help konkrete, eStelLUNGen, VORlGen and sinnvolle procedures for the IMPLEmentierung of the free mind “-concept in their reGIONEN that we ran well, propelled and gewissenhaft fertigstellen everything and set solidarisch to the VerfuGung.” Two girls from the islamistischen CLOsed district in MUENSter hoffen in addition since lanGERER time on a umsetzbare Losung by us, so that they durfen lead freies and self-determined life.

We are also emotional very uberfordert except the high inhaltlichen, thematischen, organisatorischen, and methodischen anforderunGen! Sadly we are geraten gerade by this VORfall in a UNGluckLiChe and fatale SITuTIon, where we are GEStossen in addition to personellen, zeitlichen, and finanziellen defiZiten to unsere psychischen and physischen borders. While we had gerechnet more with UnterstutZung and assistance, instead of Rugen and Vorwurfen! Since now is the IMPresSion, free minds” “erlogen the inHALTe of the open letter and erfunden and a character assassination campaign against the bridge gestartet, hatten we there passend more than gefunden, to VerofFentLiChen zitierte and UMbenannte to safeguard here the January held to this event, private e-mail traffic betWeen Mr summer and in the ZeiTung as Mrs. Soz, because thus the verHALten of the bridge” and overall the University line would be gewesen very easy verstandLich. PresTIGE and so genannte Friede, Freude, EIerKuChen ‘-MenTLitat were the main Gruende sure that from an inhaltlich TiefGrundiGen and ernsthaften arGument with unserem ” Open letter from ABGEsehen was. We can nachVollziehen it also on the other side, that proBably the high anforderunGen and wachsende institutionelle pressure on the University and their Service – einrichTunGen this has gezwungen to an offensiven and destruktiven VorGEhen. Sadly. “We refrain from to VerofFentLiChen the besagten private mail traffic, because against this BlossStellung the MehrHeit of free minds” ethische bedenKen has GEaussert. We bedanken us for the laboRATory! KRITIsche MUSlim_inNEN of free minds”in MUENSter


It’s really a day of which was invented by the Blummenlobby? It certainly won’t be long now and again, we celebrate the day of lovers. This year I’m particularly forward, although I can not meet my sweetheart on this day, because I’m living. Anyway I’m looking forward. I think it’s a great thing, that one day will be dedicated to the lovers. But of course, there are also other voices. Do you know the even: this is all just a crock! Thats what little girls! I need a day where I’ll reminds that I love you! The florist and the perfumeries invented the! etc. But is it not funny that just the people who say they need a day where she must be reminiscent of their love, finished mostly never bring their partner simply times so to say that you love her? That people complain it would be just an invention of florists, but at the same time every year for example with on the father’s day reading tours go, even though they are not even father to over 90%.

Also Mother’s day is not questioned and so accepted. The most mums are very disappointed when they get nothing from their loved ones something to your special day. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against the father or to mother’s day. I want a little equality. All three holidays have something to do with love. And as I said I find it beautifully, that in our State of the art, often very loveless world, there is a day for lovers.

You know what my perfect Valentine’s day looks like? Be awake next morning to my loved ones. Quietly I rush out of bed and make us a small breakfast. On the plate of my loved ones, I consider it a love letter with a rose. Very affectionate, with quieter music, it runs our song in the background, I wake him, by I heaped him with kisses Oh yes, I wish one day only with my loved ones. No phone, no cell phone! One day, when one only has eyes for each other. Day one, the man his happiness is fully aware, it is how super rare, that one has found the people, destined for one. And that’s exactly why I love Valentine’s day. He makes it clear that one how nice it is to give love and to be loved. Therefore, enjoy the day. Red Roses, hearts, chocolate, love letters, gives you go food, gives you time together and rejoice that you belong to the lucky ones who have found each other. And for all those who believe it was a day that the florists have invented, which should inquire times. Namely, the Valentine’s day is attributed to the Bishop Valentine of Terni. And the day was celebrated in the 14th century. The florist came much later. And what so many man woman and I think love is not pleased about flowers as a sign? For Fagen, I’m like them available. Thomas Dabkowski Tel: 017649516725 e-mail: URL: