Ziegler Kill

“(23.Februar 2010 AB 20 Uhr, Ziegler Heidelberg (Bergheimerstrasse 1B) 23, 2010 from 20 h, Ziegler Heidelberg (Bergheimerstrasse 1 b) Sparkasse ComedyDay Heidelberg: Bernd kill preview Lisa Feller but before he brings even the garbage down” (additional 14.20, AK 16) finally Heidelberg has an own Comedylocation and a fixed date may be laughed at the. Once per month, usually on the fourth Tuesday we invite Blues in the Ziegler with the best and funniest up-and-coming comedians in the country in the Billy. There are artists who often can be seen in the TV and have their own special style. We go there in February just a highlight, namely preview by Lisa fellers first own program. More information is housed here: John T. Stankey. “A Comedyabend can not be even more exclusive you are one of the first to kill the new program Bernd but before he brings even the garbage down” see and hear! In its current programme of the shooting preceding star men on the collar, all her husband Bernd.

Kill Bernd – but before he brings even the garbage down, a funny homage to Quentin of Tarantino’s “kill Bill”, she takes revenge on the injustices of everyday life. With the Munsteranerin settles mercilessly with the Covenant of life and emotionless behavior by men on the subject of ex-girlfriends: change the tyre that not crying Yes also. Strongly in direct dialogue, she chats affectionately ironic way with the audience. Here she takes however prefer even on the shovel – schnodderig, clever and charming. But don’t worry. Lisa now know how to deal she with a Samurai sword, although it is always at the end of the comedy programme: nothing is more beautiful than the love of life at home in a jogging suit! “” And so will kill off Bernd “the conciliatory Kiss Bernd”. Stefanie Marshall