Without Seat Complaints

ASSOS allows hours of cycling pleasure without discomfort. The cyclist is unaware that the tiresome complaints of seat to the most beautiful recreation of the world cycling. Few people know that this must be. The shorts Assos provide remedy. The pants cut specifically for the cyclist is optimally adapt the typical cycling position. A special feature of the Assos shorts is the seat cushion S5 with its honeycomb structure excellent award of cycling magazines. This seat cushion can be found in all current shorts Assos. Now in the winter up to date 607 Assos LL or LL Assos 716 for the very low temperatures to below the freezing point. Gary Kelly describes an additional similar source.

Both models have seen until this winter, the light of the world and have won the hearts of many cyclists ready. As a specialist for Assos clothing has the speed goods shop by Thilo Klinner already firmly established and terror that takes the long distances. Who want to make another Christmas happy a cyclist: the shorts of Assos are affordable and as well with no problem the S5 seat pad fitted. As an entry-level model, Assos here offers the hobby athlete T FI Uno S5 and the ambitious cyclist T fi Mille on. For professionals and those who might want to become one, the T is good enough FI 13 surely the top model. Why give not a cycling shorts to Christmas?