Windows Explorer

Also not to reload the operating system is recommended to run 'Explorer Windows' no through 'My Computer', and by click on 'Start' – 'Programs' – "Standard" – "Explorer". Possible and this option, when even after a normal recovery of one another to connect the flash drive fails. In the Windows Explorer saved the image above connecting a flash drive (its icon is a red circle with white question mark inside). When you click on the icon there is the system error message that refers to the removable disk icon in inaccessible places. In Then you must restart the OS. Above mentioned tips will help prolong the lives of not only the flash drive, but other similar devices (removable hard drives, memory cards, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc.) that connect to a PC via USB-port (either directly or through card-reader) and are identified the system as a 'Removable Disk'. If, despite all precautions, your flash drive has malfunctioned, then … "Need to know the enemy's face." Most common failure characteristic of flash drives, is: the logical failure, mechanical breakdown, electrical and thermal damage, the failure of the controller wear pamyati.Logicheskie fault.

Most Active are due to premature extraction of the device from the connector or a sudden power outage, when the operating system does not have time to update the file system support. In this flash drive is physically defective, but recognized as an empty or unformatted. In this case, a corrupted filesystem, or rather, her office table. These are usually left in place, and they can try to recover with the help of various heuristic programs.