West Strategy

Such internal services may, for example, be service to install the software that runs the technical department for the firm’s sales of the company. Accordingly, the category of contact personnel can be attributed most the organization. Thus, we can confidently determine the location of internal marketing in the business as an integrated personnel management policy. “Business has no nationality, the nationality have the money ‘- once said one of the foreign politicians on freedom of movement of capital in the international economy. A free hand to start implementing a CRM strategy can only return on investment expectations, the subsequent growth profitability.

After the story about the two main areas of investment (in new business – the processes and staff) completes our discussion of rational conversation about the principles of relationship management with customers. ‘Marriage of convenience or economy of relations with customers is well known that accounting is everything. Therefore, the methodology applied by the company management accounting must correspond to the strategy that it intends to implement. In this regard, the CRM strategy is a huge concern, because destroying the user stereotypes in business since time immemorial and is still behind the various courses of business – schools and universities. Traditionally, the marketing component of the accounting information was limited to records of sales in some markets, as well – information on the profitability issue dedicated to these markets in the standard characteristics of the goods and services. In relationship marketing such products and services disappear in the turbulent flow processes addressing customer. Manage relationships with this group of indicators as effectively as a compass to take in sail, showing only the West and East. To avoid loss of unexplored reefs should be opposed to its cost of business – processes, thus, operate in figures profitability relationship with a particular buyer.