We fully understand that if on their own sites, there was no tangible benefits, the Internet probably would not have received such a development and would not be what it is today. Man is so constituted that tries to make profit in everything, with nothing faces. And the Internet is no exception. Websites bring to their owners money. I think we do not dispute this fact and you will be with me in this agreement. If you earn more, then we can earn. But how? How to earn on their sites? Before answering this question, we derive with you one more axiom. The site should be useful not only to its owner, but also to those who visit this site and who actually pays money.

The benefit must be mutual. This is an important condition and depends on it, which will profit from a particular site. More benefit to others, make more money webmaster. To solve this. Now directly on the mechanisms of earnings. At first I put the newsletter.

Without this mechanism, all your work will be ineffective, and that's why. Most of those who are now reading this article probably think – "What about your own product, because money brings the goods." This is so, and at the same time not. Is very rare that an entrepreneur comes with some sort of certain goods or services and immediately begin to sell it. There are several obstacles. Our people are not very trusting, and this is base. And few people, at a breakneck pace will fly without being somehow familiar with the seller or maker of the product. On this basis, imply a conclusion and not even one.