United States Discomfort

However is always growing their intelligence in your area, reading, taking courses, working on yourself to become a better person. Is here at this point where many people stop their growth, because they believe that you know what is necessary for stay where they are and by their studies so far deserve compensation demanded. The true leader lives a life of continuous improvement finally the true leader feels comfortable with the discomfort. How that discomfort? Well Yes. All come to a point in our lives where we feel comfortable with what we have, what we are and what we do. If you are comfortable sitting on the couch, what you move? That’s where the leader is always expanding your comfortable zone.

This is accomplished by doing things that previously didn’t make, learning topics that previously was unknown, working more on himself to know aspects of it before did not know. And certainly doing this has a price: the leaders left the comfort and security for this there is an example very clear of a futurist who you want to share. Many immigrants from around the world arrived at the time when the United States was in full training. And those who ventured to cross the borders of what is known they were called pioneers. They took all their belongings and threw to explore new territories.

Didn’t know what they were going to find, but they didn’t stay with the question of whether there would be more wealth in these new lands: playing to win. When the pioneers had already established then and only then came the settlers. They wanted to play safe, be comfortable. And metaphorically asked the pioneers: it is safe to go out there, it’s comfortable? If they received a Yes for answer then they were going to colonize, otherwise not moved and remained in place forever. Perhaps there are riches beyond familiar borders, but there were risks that face them what better chose to play not to lose. The leaders live comfortable in discomfort and you’re comfortable?