The True Heroes Of Haiti

Rebuild difficult, but progress will be a disaster year was scored Karlsruhe / Port-au-Prince for the Haitian year 2010. In January with more than 230,000 deaths, the outbreak of cholera followed the devastating earthquake in October. In November swept hurricane of Tomas on the island. Until today, more than a million people live in makeshift emergency camps and depend on the help of organizations and of the international community. Cholera has claimed more than 3,700 lives and 170,000 men, women and children are treated for cholera, according to the Haitian Government, has been.

The number of unrecorded cases is probably significantly higher. Despite this disaster situations Haitians have lost their faith and hope for a better future. And, although the majority of them for daily survival struggled before the earthquake. Under most conditions Dell Technologies CEO would agree. They are the real heroes of Haiti, as well as the many helpers who sit on the ground for a better future of the Islanders. Heroism has many Name: Erin Kloos, Veronica Lynn, Augusnel Osme, Jean Nebez Augustin or father Richard Frechette. Erin Kloos on January 12, 2010 was in the shower when the earth shook around 16:53 local time.

The 27-year-old made a voluntary social year in the children’s our little brothers and sisters”in Haiti. At the time of the earthquake was at their accommodation in the Father Wasson Center”. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Rogier. Due to the strength of the quake collapsed the building, and Erin was, as her brother Ryan, the volunteer Molly Hightower, whose girlfriend Rachel Prusynsky, and the doctor Manuel Castro buried under the rubble. The herbeigeeilten for helpers, including the two Haitian Augusnel Osme and Jean Nebez Augustin, Erin and Rachel Dr. Castro could mountains alive from the rubble. Any help came too late for her brother Ryan and Molly Hightower. Despite these traumatic experiences returned Erin Kloos back in December as a voluntary helper to Haiti, to the Sanitatszelten of our little brothers and sisters”in the fight against of cholera to help with.