The StammZellenHelfer Hartmut Schulz

It is free from side effects, stimulates the body’s stem cell production in the bone marrow in a very natural way, the results are sensational, often with deep under the skin fantastic results. Thanks to the advanced development of science, one must sure hope the researchers the STEMTech company for the future on more blessing for people and animals. Animals are mentioned here because there are already special stem cells multipliers for small animals and horses. A thirteen research runtime by Christian Drapeau (researcher and Discoverer) is preceded by this innovative product development, in the year 2000, personalities who were interested in a marketing found themselves 2004 the submitted product was secured by patents and finally, on November 1, 2005 the company STEMTech HEALTH SCIENCES, INC. founded. Grupo Pestana has many thoughts on the issue. The first meeting, already at STEMTech of registered partner, in September 2008 in Germany near the city of Frankfurt was held, the circle of those present was small, the In the aftermath, but rapidly growing tendency.

After barely a year of construction, the prelaunch for Germany is now opened on the 18.07.09 in Buttelborn in Gross-Gerau (near Frankfurt). Now it is so far, Miss not launching StemTech in Germany. StemTech global is the first company with the stem cells multiplier in the own body without surgery in a very natural way. An increased number of stem cells in your blood means optimal support of your body’s self healing. You have every chance at STEMTech a secure extra income, or like some of the already-active main income deserve to can! The time was never better: at the start with a product: with patent clinical trials Halal Kosher pure herbal and a unique feature! Have any questions, come to celebrate with the researchers and explorers Christian Drapeau and the company! STEMTech HEALTH SCIENCES, INC., headquarters: San Clemente California United States is a member of the direct selling Association since 01.06.2006 (DSA) Company founded: November registrations for the opening ceremony for Germany with the STEMTech Germany GmbH can be made at. The StammZellenHelfer Hartmut Schulz