The Knights

The Knights are those who skillfully manage the course and directionality of the beast. Skull: The general attributed the human skeleton (see Skeleton), unless, for zenithal position is associated with higher characteristics, namely, intelligence and wisdom. The hemispherical shape of the skull is associated with the dome or cupola constructive symbolism, both of the top images of the sumidad, and connection with other possibilities superhuman. e this success. Interestingly, the teacher Jesus dies on the Mount (elevation symbol) called Golgotha, a word which translates as skull. Crab: Old zodiacal sign of Cancer, which is associated through the water and the moon which govern them. The crab lives there as it can be seen in Plate XVIII.

Another feature is to walk sideways and hide very quickly. Colour: Many of the characters of the letters of the court and the major arcana with a layer appear. This is protection against cold synonymous with concealment, as is the gown of judges and law teachers in expressing the solemnity of the law. To this day, canons, monsignors, lawyers, simple peasants of Castile, and most of the Indians who are covered with ponchos retain its internal heat covered in a legal cloak forbid anyone be allowed. Shopping: The chariot of the Sun is the archetype of warriors and chariots both Assyrians and Chaldeans and Greeks and Romans emulated the exploits of the sun god with his chariots of war, hunting trips or exploration into the unknown. Assyrian reliefs and again expressed the idea of car or wheel (see), through which they could take to limit the scope nested in the souls of men.