The Flock

In the good one, it said that now we are quit, it made but me to swear that this would be the first and last time. You said that I was? Not thus Expensive, it forced me to it! You, but now it comes behind me. He does not come not! The Z goes to be outside of the city the day all. The heart of Sidney was a thousand. The loving one left in airport and with it a good bye kiss. To the front a passenger waved, in its thought the brown skin and soft of the Araceli.Parou, put the head for is, who called it? In that instant of devaneio and, still feeling the lassido to have been in company of it, it was left to involve for the uncertainty, therefore it did not perceive that, it has some meters the man trado observed it e, in its distraction was plus a victim of the fury of a husband who came to wash its honor.

Disaccorded, Sidney did not prove of cuspe that the man launched its mouth and, much less could hear the violations that the unfortunate person said, taken for a senile demon. The gentes had come all in its direction, the author of the detonation tried to run, but, were involved for a multitude of curious e, after that, captured for the policy. Sidney received the first socorros. Old fatty, the probably most salient one of the flock inquired to one of the ones for doctors: It goes to be well? The man turned itself, without much interest, it and answered: He is early pra to know! Later he closed the door of the ambulance. It was made comfortable: Detesto interfered people? it commented. Guilt of the collective cio? it said the other. I can bind pra Maria?