The Diets Of Beauty

The relationship between skin and nutrition there is nowadays a variety of beauty books, in which the skin usually also a chapter is devoted to. For more clarity and thought, follow up with NYSE DNB and gain more knowledge.. The two authors mentioned the following as an example have wondered also about the relationship between skin and nutrition. “Helena Rubenstein, the Grande Dame of the cosmetics and beauty, has a number of tips for a beautiful skin ready, also presents to be beautiful in her book the secret” also a skin diet, based on abundant vitamin A, E, C and B-complex factors. Rough and coarse skin, it recommends lots of vegetables and citrus fruits, abundant water and herbal tea instead of coffee and black tea. Sweets and starchy foods should be restricted, what losing Yes also only helpful in weight loss and weight can be. Oily skin is the same almost, in addition, Helena Rubinstein advises to celery, onions, cucumbers, cabbage and carrots. Fat and heavy meals are taboo.

With straggly, matte hair a diet with whole wheat bread, unpeeled apples and cucumbers, onions, cabbage, spinach, garlic, cod liver oil to help prune and wheat germ flakes. For brittle fingernails, she praises the positive effects of liver, wheat germ, raw cheese, whole wheat flakes and yeast, eggs and milk, because the B vitamins. The skin diet is after Rubinstein grease kohlenhydrat – and stimulus-arm. In the foreground are protein, vitamin and mineral nutrient-rich food. This chocolate, cakes and pastries, pork, sausage, fat, sauces, spices and alcohol are prohibited. That Jane Fonda was beautiful has always been considered natural no one doubts probably, and that she argued in a book with wrinkle treatment is perhaps hard to believe for some. But she has become in your book the confident attractive woman”with the interrelationships between skin and nutrition concerns. Alcohol and nicotine are the main enemies of the skin in your opinion.

Both leads to damage of the connective tissue and affects the healthy blood circulation. Also frequent fasting, as well as frequent strict diets, harm is the most Diatbeflissenen of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, which are essential for a healthy skin considers that restriction of calories, Rob. In her book, it means that the constant expansion and contraction of the skin, alternately rising and falling weight, even for the youngest skin is stressful. To restrict in addition to the recommendation, meat (especially red), fat (especially saturated fat), sugar, salt, canned food, alcohol, and caffeine, Jane Fonda advises women in the middle ages, in terms of their skin, a sufficient supply of water and the vitamins A, ensure that the C and E.