The Chemistry

In this process water from the fresh plant parts, so that the action of enzymes is not eliminated, but only delayed. Humidification of raw materials, the conditions for re-activation of enzymes and the possibility of decay processes. In general, it is very difficult or almost impossible to keep the chemical composition and biological activity of fresh plant parts fully intact in the raw material. Primarily should aim at preserving and drying to prevent loss of sensitive active ingredients and keep their medical action. New parts of the plants before drying must be carefully cleaned. Of underground organs removed contamination by immersing briefly in running water and then strongly shaken.

When the roots and rhizomes are not subject to such treatment, they have detected a high mineral content, reduces the effect of raw material. From the roots, according to the requirements of the pharmacopoeia, before drying is necessary to scrape off the bark, which can be very easy to perform immediately after removing them from the soil. This manipulation facilitates further transform them into a powder, as there is no majority of the fibers of bast. Aboveground plant parts before they break, you need to clear of falling into them while collecting extraneous parts of the same or other plants. After cleaning the raw material is subjected to drying. Proper drying should be done taking into account the chemistry of the active ingredients in the feed. Not may be dried and packed prone to fermentation of the material. Dry herbal raw materials needed to quickly installed in the species composition of raw materials and temperature.