Temporal Pathology

Series and seminars in the Algarve of 1987 was the establishment as a general practitioner in his birthplace of Kahl am Main. Looking for alternative methods to cure his patients, the possibility in Almancil – Portugal surrendered a common medical practice to start 1998. “Temporal pathology”, with which he has developed and successfully tested method for the treatment and cure of cancer and other disorders of health, Dr. Robert refutes conventional thought patterns and behaviors Reisert. His insight: “The equation of degeneration and age is the elementary mistake of our culture”, is in a test tube can be seen, such as the current Nobel Prize, but is this “knowledge” is recycled if our health care system still abused widely unnoticed to the medical Word to identify the sick on the mental level with the current disease then accordingly apparatuses and chemical, however, to proceed. The common medicine thus risks to produce more and more sick, old and weak, instead to heal! Clinics, associations and insurance companies that want to be in competition with international companies and providers set increasingly on improving its own offer for their patients and insured. With good reason, because only those cured patients of all ages in the future and in the light of demographic change the guarantor for a thriving health care “might! The implementation of temporal pathological ambulances “appropriate hospitals, geriatric centres and homes, combined with the specific advanced remedies – offer (Regulation), optimizes the performance range of strategically important point: already in the suiting in the recording, as well as treatment and ambulatory patient care.” In direct cooperation with doctors and an extended catalogue of services of insurance companies, supplying the population is guaranteed and affordable again.

Impressed by the Heilerfolgen, clarity, logic and experience the Dr. Robert Reisert conveys with his method, as well as their tremendous economic significance, the Austrian Friedrich Weber Publisher launched his new series on the topics: health, religion, ethics and economy, with the publication of the printed brochure “Temporal pathology – medicine of the future” (Vo 17.10.2009) addition to the themes of its authors and speakers, the Publisher organizes seminars in Portugal. In the small, intimate circle of participants and top-class speakers, which opened February – seminar to familiarize the possibility with the sense and usefulness of temporal pathology and together to find the applicability for the company. The wonderful ambience of the famous Vila Joya, where Willy Brandt could spend yet his last vacation, ensures relaxation and gentle touch of spirit and soul. Next appointment: temporal pathology – medicine of the future date: 17.2. 23.2.2010 location: Vila Joya & Joy Jung Spa, Praia da Gale Albufeira / Portugal speakers: pulse speaker: Dr.

Robert Reisert (the essence of temporal pathology, medical duty and remedies) Prof. through. Dr. Manfred Perlitz (impact of demographic change and new cost / benefit assessment) Prof. Dr. sc. tc. h.c.