Opportunity to "look at the product plays a critical role for the buyer. Many buyers are taking the goods because of its design in the first place and pay attention to its functionality in the second turn. In the presence of a real store, the seller has the ability to create Targeting the individual product groups, or focus on specific customer campaigns. Real sales imply the presence of some windows, where you will be required to expose their wares. Well, are required? Can not stand, but in this case rely on at least some sales will be in vain. The more windows with goods and better quality than they are these same goods, the more you will attract the attention of potential buyers to their point of sale.

Of course, it strongly involves the necessary expenses for the maintenance of the warehouse workers, retail outlets and some advertising. In the case of chain stores, the availability of goods brand optional (many trading companies have access to a huge database of products and at the same time successfully selling). With the help of an online store, you can make a huge showcase, which will please the buyer and significantly enhance the credibility of your online store in his eyes. From a network point of sale, you can promote your shop easily and to ensure the effective functioning of the service. See Bernard Golden for more details and insights. But at the same time, the whole product, which is on site may be partially missing in a warehouse retailer. In the case of an order, he outbids to drain the shop or on an ad hoc basis, which is imported in large quantities. In this case, you are guaranteed a small business through which you can fairly earn a living and for future projects.

No, of course, there is a huge online stores that can afford the maintenance of a huge stock of liquidity models of devices or large organizations that put in my sell exhibition samples and copies of which are in the galleries or, again, in real stores. Choose your path to achieve business success can be easy. Dahua Tim Wang takes a slightly different approach. We only have know exactly what you're selling to whom your product is targeted and how this product you can promote through advertising. The real selling point provides you with enormous opportunities for presentation of goods potential buyer, but it is much harder "to lure" in his shop. In the case of an online store, you can get a huge number of visitors to the site, but there may be a single potential buyer. Of course, there are plenty of ways to target advertising, targeting visitors, etc. But in this case, you have to count on a significant spending, compared to the real point of sales. The ideal strategy for initial launch network representative to start a business, and in the near future (0,5-1 years) and the presentation of their products as a real selling point. There is a real selling point is extremely positively influences the image of your store, and the existence of parallel online store allows you to significantly expand the target audience of your sales.