The conductive women are more prudent conductors. Also they are very trustworthy and they have a kilometrage lower average in his cars. Southwest Airlines is often quoted as being for or against this. Statistically, also they have less wagon accidents and, consequently, the insurers of insurances are less prone to have to pay money by accidents. The insurers have realized this and offer discounts for the women. The insurers consider to the women a safe bet because even if is involved in accidents, the amount that pay is much smaller than it happens with accidents where they are involved men.

Aside from this, the majority of the insurers immediately gives a discount attractive to the fminas. You must count on passport and license to lead. The women consider as conductors safer and are eligible for a discount, perhaps but when she is had a copy of your license with a good file of conduction you are eligible for another discount in the premium of the insurer. It verifies that you do not have pending fines before asking for the policy. The insurers are going to review your file of handling, reason why if you want the most possible policy, verifies your license by any pending infraction and pgala immediately. Llama to the number 1-800. This it can seem a little idiot, but there are several insuring small ones that works directly by Internet. You can ponerte in contact with them and to request information on the type of certainly interests to you.

It looks for in line. There are several sites in line that exclusively sell conductive women. You only must enter Internet and look for sites that offer quotes of car insurance. It only verifies the sites of good reputation. There are several sites that offer budgets without comparison in different insurance policies. Tomato your time to compare and to read all the instructions that appear in the policy document before inscribirte. It remembers that the insurance must cubrirte of efficient and suitable way. With information of: ladiescarinsurance.

Costa Rica

Brazen the Morals said that there is to respect desires of the Honduran town to change his laws. Then it is not the Honduran town but its ex- president who wanted to do it. Of equal way it happened in Bolivia when he decided to do the same. It was against the popular will and the citizenship was raised massively to the streets, to the point that Morals it had to approve his political constitution in a military quarter. It is not necessary to forget that when assumed the presidency, it arbitrarily dismissed to the generals and colonels in the control, and either placed to exorbitant his monigotes paying to them extreme so that they obey to him without chistar. Evo Morales is the most grotesque expression of dictadorcillo Latin American that is created alive and thinks that it can make fun of of the intelligence of the town, and the world. He is that in these times, until an illiterate and prepotent farmer he enjoys international cover if he has money, without mattering from where this one comes.

Morals besides autocrat are the president of all the bunds of cocaine producers of Bolivia, which means that she is the direct person in charge of the increase of the cocaine manufacture, fact turns that it into a delinquent associated to the drug trafficking. The Bolivian cocaine has increased the indices of violence in Argentina and Brazil, where in the towns misery and favelas it is smoked in the form of sulphate or alpaca grazes well-known base like . That form of the drug is most addictive, being its power of dependency more hard than the one of the heroin. Besides the entailment with the drug, Morals have been cause of the death by governmental repression of more people than nobody in the last 50 years, including all the combined military dictatorships, which turns to him into murder accomplice. With those causes upon its head, besides the one of illicit enrichment, it is no wonder Evo Morales begins to shake and to request aid to name of the false democracy that defends.

Manuel Zelaya did not arrive at the criminality. Today it is in Costa Rica, tomorrow will go away to Nicaragua, later to Venezuela, it will continue his lloriqueos consoled by Insulza, and more ahead surely it will finish curled up in the arms of Barack Obama. If Evo Morales is dismissed, to the unique place that will go he is to the jail.


San Agustn Already for a time I have been coming suffering of mareos and every time are stronger. He is that it seems that I have hypoglucaemia. The condition is not nothing likeable and their symptoms are multiple. And that now I said myself. And he is that this he is one of the most productive moments of my life, one of those moments where everything seemed to be marching as one as much had hoped and suddenly, without previous announcement; Bum! I am annoying in the middle of the street to the 1,00 of afternoon. Memory the face of the gentleman with whom it talked when it gave that one terrible one me I am annoying. So in oration it asks to him the Father who happened and the reason of all this bad unexpected news.

Now Sir, why? So that it visits a doctor and I followed its indications exactly. But the mareos continue, the sensation I say to them that he is disagreeable. It is malaise, a headache, chill and mainly the mareos. What to do? I made appointment with another doctor for one second opinion. But, I raise the argument again, the soul tries again to understand opportune arrival of this disease They understand to me? I mean the ministry in which it corresponds to evangelisation in the streets of my country and other forums like this, it is taking a beautiful form and mainly God has made its will through.

To see the face of people in the street, the boys in the jail, the letters and notes that people write or comment confirm their relevance in times like which we lived. Then I prayed and I asked again with free capricious air confidence: Why? To you it has not happened equal? Everything seemed to be well and suddenly: Ill the old man, the brother, the wife a dismissal of unexpected work, a treason, a disappointment One asks the obvious thing. In short, I surrendered and I remembered when God said to the apostle Pablo to him: Bstate my grace! If, is truth Again I said. The power of God is perfected in the weakness. It is certain. God will have itself to glorify in this condition since Christ did does two thousand years with the blind person of birth. If, clear that if Then accepts mainly and I included/understood. And we know that loves God, all the things help good, that is to say, to which according to their intention are called.

Evo Shepherd President

Evo Shepherd of flames of the Orinoca. Bullfigther of the Hope. Gladiator in the American Latin sand! Your Indian tenacity, the color does not pardon the sacking Vulture to you! It does not pardon the union blaze to you, the imperialistic one to be able racist, stone carving, in marble, his vertical clasista hatred! Mining Evo, brown Captain of the Ilimani! The hurt Beast of the Capital does not pardon your blood to you of Tupac Katari, It does not pardon the imperial Eagle to you, dirty his blood-stained claws, heavy empetroladas wings, to take of his fierce tip the food of your Earth, his black gold! Evo coca grower, illustrious Sculptor of the Utopia! They do not pardon fist to you closed to the raised sky, your attack of brave bull the American shout of revolt, the salteadores, the Dynasties of usurpers of Poder and the Earth the traders of the alive Water, the heroic gesture, the deed single-breasted uniform jacket of your hidalgua! Evo Morales inheriting President of the dream of the CHE of free Bolivia great combatant! They do not pardon to you, the sceptre reclaimed after five hundred years resistant! They do not pardon your shade, condor to you that exaggerates on the $andes and the continent! They do not pardon EVO to you, language wet in the heart of your town, your voice between the Nations, rugiente lion defending the Mother country, the Rights of the Mother Earth, the simiente planted in Abya Yala the New aurora! They do not pardon to you, the sandals of your humility that to you the cautious shepherd does not blind the Power, its shining brightness that does not drag the current to you in the torrent of its vertigo, which you continue being ” The Evo” , native and authentic! They redeem Shepherd to you President, the dreams dusted of blue, the great Mother country of the south, Bolivar and Great San Martin. It sings its verses to you Jose Mart! They want to you, require your mining women to you, wing and steel, dynamite and gun, your Indians dressed rainbow, managers of the Good one For living, farmers in plow forged, calamities temperings! They want Evo to you, Great Captain of the Ilimani, Blood of Tupac Katari!.

Committee Industralist

In other cases nonanticipated in this article, it would be necessary to before successfully obtain the consent of the interested ones to be able to communicate its data. Consequently all the information would not have to be accessible to the representatives of the workers and thus for example, the industralist would not have to facilitate the lists of his employees to the Committee of Company without his consent, since the information who contain exceeds the functions attributed by Law to these representatives, being sufficient in this matter the contribution of documents TC1 and TC2. Situation complica a little if we consider that ET on the one hand recognizes the Committee of Company the capacity to exert administrative actions and judicial and it attributes to him, competitions that suppose a position of independence with respect to the industralist and on the other side we must consider that this organ does not have own legal personality, therefore cannot be considered like the person in charge of the file as physical or legal person defines article 3 of the LOPD like, of public or deprived nature, or organ office staff, that decides on the purpose, content and use of the treatment. Consequently this organ could not either be sanctioned directly by the Spanish Agency of Protection of Datos (AEPD) even though it harmed the norm of protection of data. What happens then when the Committee of Company commits infractions derived from this norm and what measures would have to adopt the industralist to prevent these situations? First of all it is necessary to stress that the representatives of the workers by the mere fact to receive the confidential information, yes that they are forced to fulfill the dispositions of the Law, in this sense article 11,5 of the LOPD arranges that That one to that the personal character data communicate forces, by only done of the communication, to the observance of the dispositions of the present Law . .

Communication Or Pathology

COMMUNICATION OR PATHOLOGY? The glance of Mr. Garci’a towards the universe of the American south. The saying begins: That it does not have worse one-eyed, that one than does not want to see. To think that the dissatisfaction problem that the town suffers, is only a communication problem; between the state and the unsatisfied majorities. The way crossed by the great majorities is to have given account of that is in the top of the direction of the country. Or it suffers of some mental ailment or it has surroundings that they present to him the mistaken thing the reality.

We see the situation of the national teaching that languishes by the hunger wages that a good part suffers of tuberculosis and is the sector of risk of all the pandemics that asolan the humanity at present. But the ironic thing it is the propaganda chain that this being reversed supposedly to present kindness this one regime. Budget that already this exceeding all that has the sector education in the present year. With the amount of money that they spend in giving to get fat to his friendly of the companies of telecommunications could have duplicated the money of the thin pays of the educational ones. But they follow in their thirteen and they would not move backwards in continuing spending much more to present what she is not seen in the reality. When they speak of electrification to the countryside, they are not the same communities farmers whom they must pay of where is those that supposedly the State gives them, and later due to his thin income they remain again in the dark, I wonder where this the progress? It will not be for his friendly industralists who continue winning in abundance, sucking until the blood of my brother original farmers. It mentions of thousands of houses that construct to the state and the private company; but what it does not say that these are overvalued in excess that its true value many of the times in the middle of arrives what this valorized, but what and it says to us that the aggravated middle-class must get into debt itself until by three times the value that says to value such ghosts of houses.

Venezuelan System

To be preparation before the effects of the variables external that influences in the supply of the product, its production, like the incidence of the state with its actions, the one of the competition, the one that the same globalisation has generated. Like also that described so well, used is functions that are expected of the department of markets, what so preparation this its resources human. The certain thing, that it is necessary, to avoid a series of errors that can seriously be given and be affected the waited for performance of the function of markets. On the matter of it, in an interesting writing on the subject, it contributes to us Alexander Juregui, that definitively there are many errors comment when he is not understood clearly the importance and the impact of the policies of trade of the companies. A flat vision of the businesses and thoughts of short term, often have destroyed good ideas of businesses, by a total disconnection between the company and its system of marketing. It proposes the suggestion of not committing some errors that are indicated and that of them we will pause in two, who we considered important Between the errors that indicate are: To compare the market with the sales? Not to constantly think about the system of attention the client? To forget that a client frequents is more valuable long term than an occasional sale of high entrance. To put major emphasis in the volume of clients and not in its quality and yield? to base the determination of the prices on the highest cost instead of an objective price? To separately plan the tools of communication and without integration with the trade system? To sell the product, without including/understanding and to respond to the real needs of the consumers Of the mentioned ones is important detenercese in the reach than it represents for example, neglecting as it happens in many of the Venezuelan companies, especially its SMEs the related thing to put major emphasis in the volume of clients and not in its quality and yield. .