Brazilian Academy

Inside of this perspective in 1808 in the state of the Bahia the first one only appeared superior course of graduation in the area of medicine even so of rudimentary form is registered as the first statute of Brazilian superior education, this possessing lessons theoretical and practical with all a horria load to be fulfilled and to be established. Until then the search for courses of superior level she was scarce and the federal severity together with the profitability lack did not favor the creation of more courses in the country, from the republic the federal system only appeared of installment of examinations to enter the courses what it intimidated the candidates and esmorecia the young candidates to plead a vacant to improve its pertaining to school level. From century XIX the country passes for some transformations and great events, as abolition of the slavery, exchange of regimen politician and sprouting of the industries, unchains a position of decentralization of being able what it reflects directly in the superior education, exactly with the creation of laws that submit the state to make responsible for the creation of superior institutions and conduct them, thus the states only start to create in its federacies with more responsibility the superior courses. This was a gigantic step for the growth of this educational modality that, as Morosini of 1907 the 1933 the institutions pass of 25 for the 338 and pupils of 5.795 for 24.166, however, factor this still very low with regard to the total population of the country. The jesutico model still investigated Brazilian superior education and only in 1924 this conception if it transformed with the creation of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences that considered activities directed toward the seek area, for the time being acting of slow and superficial gradual form. No longer period republic the focus was to democratize the laws and to cure with the discrimination that acted in ' ' state novo' ' , she was necessary to repaginar that situation, and in superior education the university Reformation was created by the law n 5,5540 in 1968, thus adopting the molds of the liberalistas ideas of education for all objectifying to alavancar development of the country and to improve the social classrooms of the elites.