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Carlos Mora Vanegas General information many companies are not fully identified with what it represents to ensure a good quality of working life, especially in an environment like the Venezuelan, where there is much uncertainty, risk, fear in the business sector. He is needed to give way to that in the bosom of enterprises, especially SMEs, our interest in study, management considers as discussed, that the quality of the working life of an organization is the environment, the atmosphere, the air that is breathed in an organization. There are companies that have a good atmosphere and others who have it bad. Unfortunately there are too many employees and professionals in human resources who take the atmosphere of a company with the same passivity and resignation with which accept dropping rain or make cold in elinvierno. Speaking candidly Michael Antonov told us the story. In reality there are many measures that can be taken to improve working life. If you would like to know more then you should visit Bank of America Corp.. From here, which is manifested, that efforts to improve the quality of working life constitute systematic work that organizations with the object of provide employees a chance to improve their jobs and their contributions to the company in an environment of better trust and respect. Too often a company leaders strive to obtain passive and repetitive collaboration of several people but little worry to know the ideas that these people can provide. Ronald Heredia, tells us in this regard, that more and more organizations are implementing programmes of improvements of working life as a way of raising its productivity through higher levels of motivation and satisfaction of employees, lower voltage and lower resistance to change. A programme of improvement of the quality of the work environment Heredia can also produce many benefits related to the development of the Organization basic considerations, remember us, that it is likely the most delicate and function of utmost importance the Department of personnel in the field of creation and promotion of a proper working environment, enlisting the support of key managers.


One of the most appreciated floral specimens, is the Tulip, this flower has an immense beauty, present in the shape and distribution of its petals, along with the quality of its great range of shades. Aspects that make the Tulip one of the best options in regard to the ornamentation of any type of gardens and other areas. The origin of the Tulip, points to Mediterranean areas and Northern Asia, i.e. countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey; what something confusing, since it turns out that the Tulip throughout history has been associated with Holland, so much so that this country is one of the largest exporters of flowers in the world, thanks to the Tulip, which means an important economic line for this country. The arrival in Europe of the first seeds and bulbs of Tulip, realized late in the 16th century, who came from Turkey this distributed Tulip in a large expanse of land, so it can be found in the South of Europe, in the mountainous regions of Asia minor, Arabia, the Caucasus to the Northeast part of China. The point at which is a greater diversity of Tulip, is in the mountains of Pamir and Hindu Kush, present in the steppes of Kazakhstan. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nordstrom and gain more knowledge.. The name that owns this beautiful flower, is a word of Turkey, which is dulban, in terms more simple would be a turban, which is due to the similarity that keeps the shape of the Tulip when it closes, in comparison with the garment itself of Turkey and neighboring countries.

Speaking in botanical terms about the Tulip, this flower receives the scientific name of tulipa. Due to the characteristics of the Tulip, it should be noted that this variety of plant belongs to the genus of perennials, it belongs to the family of Liliaceae. The variety of flowers including tulips, presents a group comprised of about 150 different species, to which the immense amount of hybrids achieved through genetic improvement should add. Moving forward on the issue of the description of the Tulip, this is a herbaceous and bulbous plant. The bulb which is one of its main components, is truncated, basally, in addition to elongate in direction to the apex, also presents coverage, given by a hairy coat on the inside. When it comes to the stem of the Tulip, is a simple stem, but sometimes it can become present ramifications, another of its characteristics is to be underground in the basal portion.

Along with the stem and flower, the Tulip has a measure that goes from 30 to 60 centimeters, depending on the variety of Tulip. After being planted Tulip, it began to show its beautiful flowers last about 120 days or also in the beginning of spring, preserving a beautiful flower in a span of 20 days; After past this period of natural beauty, Tulip flower withered. In the planting of tulip bulbs, ideally you planting them in autumn, so they have all the benefits of the spring.