Executive Director

Some students believe that the quality of work that they are ordering, is directly dependent on the price. The more are ready to abstracts or diplomas at the agency, the more professional they are made. However, this is not always the case. The point that price, of course, affect the outcome, but there are several other important factors that also affect the quality of work. So, let's see what kind of factors.

1) Time. If you promise to do the work for a few hours or one day – you know, you get a "get along". The author should take a responsible approach to implementation, so hurry to no good does not. You yourself should not delay your order until the last, so do not rush performer. It is best to do everything in advance so that the author was able to calmly and rationally come to your work. 2) The accuracy of the job. Almost every teacher puts some additional requirements for their work, about you must notify the Executive Director.

In addition, should be clearly stated requirements for registration. And, of course, need to discuss the nuances that may be relevant at the time and the protection of the essay. Put the artist a clear goal, it is advisable to paint all the points, and the result of such cooperation would be the best. 3) you pay, and, therefore, entitled to claim. Since you are paying for the work of artist money, the right to demand from him some things. For example, the originality of the work, be sure to check it Antiplagiat not to throw your finances into the wind. In addition, if allowed any errors or omissions, whether express initially in the job, get a performer to correct. To do this, it is advisable not to pay immediately the full amount for the work, and in half, fifty percent of the deposit and another fifty – after the operation. As you can see the quality of performance of educational activities affect many factors. Pay attention to them, and the success of this event is guaranteed to you.


Psychotherapy – the treatment without medication, and, mainly, in a word. Psychologist – specialist with a higher psychological education, which, in the form in which it is being taught in most institutions (mostly theory) is inadequate to deal with the provision of psychological assistance. (Not to be confused with David Rogier!). Therefore, psychologists who wish to engage in counseling and psychotherapy are additional training (skills development) in this area. In the studio come to us for practical skills and real experience of consultation and the first difficulties faced by the participants, getting that experience, is to allow yourself to listen to the customer and tell him how you did hear. And want to immediately start a "cure" the client using any therapeutic technique, to give appropriate advice, to show him his scientific knowledge, but it's more to himself a psychologist to deal with own anxiety from the meeting with uncertainty and non-knowledge. Psychologist wants to have an algorithm or scheme – how it behave with a particular client, or how to deal with him one way or another client's situation, that is, he wants to rely on theory to feel more comfortable with a stranger and his experiences. No doubt, the theory is really important, but it will be available only after the customer will be able to believe the psychologist and more about myself and my situation. And here there is resistance from both sides – hard to listen to a psychologist and a client which is hard to tell.

Difficult for clients to talk about his problem because he does not know how psychologist interprets it. In addition to the anxiety of the psychologist, there is anxiety and fear of the client. After the client has come to a psychologist for help, with a wealth of experience behind him of injustice, betrayal, deception, abuse or indifferent handling. He can expect this and from a psychologist.

Kuban State University

A scientist with a name in the scientific world knows him as a man with a unique, quite literally, phenomenal abilities. If we were talking about music and musicians, it can be safely be called a man-Orchestra. In some ways it really is. True, in another incarnation. David Fowler is a great source of information. Judge for yourself: the well-known scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor, inventor and innovator, author of over 150 scientific publications in domestic and foreign publications, including 3 monographs and 40 patents and invention certificates, of which more than 30 – and put into production in the learning process. Add to this: branch manager at Kuban State University g.Goryachy key, beautiful organizer, and teacher. It should be noted that Vladimir Lavrentiev – not an armchair scientist, theorist, and the real practices. Credit: Eric Kuby-2011. That is why it demanded its original basic research and new research directions., K example, in dielectrometer is the ionization relaxation spectrometry of polymeric materials. David Fowler does not necessarily agree.

Today, this trend applies not only our region but also in many research institutes in Russia, UK, USA and Korea. Or development of equipment and methods of integrated studies of polymer materials, as well as – electronic element base of modern computer systems and personal computers. Under his leadership of Hot-Key and with his direct participation for the first time in Russia and successfully started the work on the creation of methods and devices for reading and writing computer data, not exposed to explosive loads Radiation and electromagnetic fields, high temperatures and aggressive environments. For this development Mr Putin awarded the 2006 Gold Medal Y1 International Salon of Innovations and Investments. Protected by Russian and international patents in 123 countries around the world, it allows you to move to a new generation of media used not only in computers but also in banking plastic cards, electronic keys, the "black boxes" aero-space technology. His investigations on the predictability of performance insulation of high voltage equipment and instruments developed have been successfully operated on a number of sites Krasnodar Territory and the already warned of several major accidents.