Dilma President

We are also waiting the new lines of direction of the Dilma President who will go to assume in January. The Mysterious Young Asked: Senator Sarney Mr. already this in the politics has many years also already was President of the Republic, he made what you for the people? It answered: well! Many things. It is not reply. After that the Sarney called the Marcelo Crivela and it presented. The Mysterious Young also knew Crivela. The Mysterious Young said: Crivela senator Mr.

I eat a religious man have the obligation to make some thing for the people. It said: already I made north-eastern, a social workmanship. The Young said: It stopped but you did not make more nothing. It made the same one asks to all the 81 Senadores.A reply was the same one ah! The Mysterious Young said: Also it is written: You will not try you your God (Dt6,16). The demon carried it a time more, to a very high mount, and he showed to all the kingdoms of the world and its glory to it and said to it: I will give to you to everything this if, prostrando you ahead of me to adore, me. Jesus answered to it: He stops backwards, the Satan, therefore he is written: You will adore you your God and alone it will serve (Dt 6,13). The Mysterious Young congregated all the other Senators and said: Gentlemen Senators the vocs responsibility is very great, remembers you that vocs they are here in this Legislative house, solely for the will of the people who voted in you. It is just not to make nothing for this people, who lives passing necessities, many liveing in barracos, palafitas? This, because never one habitacional politics was implanted in these parents, sees the case of Rio De Janeiro the majority of the population deferred payment in slum quarter, good people, honest right and has many religious ones.

Brazilian Government

The Ministry of the Education and UNESCO had approved, recently, the Kit Gay, also call of Cartilha Homossexualizante, that will be implanted in all the Brazilian net of education. at least we were consulted by the Brazilian Government on such changes. E, for if dealing with changes that they deeply move with the Brazilian society, they ask for, by itself, the popular approval. The law of the gag gay also was revived to pressas in 2011 and returned to the guideline of voting in the Chamber. All orquestrado for the ONU, that established such modifications through its Commission of Human Rights, and recommended to this ' ' meta' ' to all the world-wide governments. Brazil follows, thus, executing, as the Supreme English Cut, the guideline and the agenda established for the ONU, passing over all the rights of the normal citizens who, now, are considered abnormal, because they do not agree to these nonsenses. The ONU passes over the right estabelecidoA ONU, saw Commission of Human Rights, is establishing new rules of moral, behavior, of behavior, moving of unilateral form in the legislation of all the countries, using itself a power that was not granted to them by vote.

The Commission of Human Rights of the ONU was also not constituted to represent our rights. The ONU creates privilgiosE, although everything this the agency if finds imbudo of authority and power to pisotear the normal Christian citizens and to overwhelm them through unjust laws, creating privileges for one determined classroom of people in detriment of others. E, to get worse, our governing, legislators representatives of the Brazilian and international legal classroom remain impassveis ahead of this torrent of nonsenses, good emblematic of the insanity gay. The Liberty of speech and the Laws of Protection to the Person already existentesOra, if for the English Cut the Christians ' ' contaminam' ' others with its moralista culture, the same gay is said of the movement, that it contaminates politicians, judges and legislators with its unhealthy thoughts.

Spiritual Life

From a psychological point of view, yes, because if diagnosis is cured or not cured. From a spiritual standpoint, the important thing: what do I do? Is it growing in my understanding of the other? understanding of Christ who came just to fit our misery? We can then turn to him, turning to his brothers. So, yes, there really is a chance the injury of life. GM II, the man's injury is sometimes something very overwhelming for people. Anything you say from the outset implies that is born and develops some confidence is that not just the big story, or the great obstacle, confidence, ultimately, it is very difficult to be born and grow? A. There is a confidence that can perhaps be worked at a human level, with psychological support, and we must start with that, to see why they did not trust, if it is based on evidence or unfounded. But there is another threshold is reached the day where trust is based on the certainty of being loved. This is another type of trust, but it is a gift, no technique can give.

GM Many people come up against that. Knowing they are loved, it is only in his head finally, I understand, but … A. Yes, there you have to go with experience, and perhaps the spiritual life, faith, they are located a little too much at first as knowledge, and then we try to cope as they can in the newspaper. It is then split between the two … .

Supreme English Cut

The ONU creates legal privileges to the classroom gayQuerendo to establish new concepts to the legal system for the optics gay, the ONU is creating legal privileges and disqualifying other social classrooms. Everything simply because they had decided to find that the effective laws, of protection to the person, they are not enougher and good the sufficient one for protection of the homosexuals. They want something more specific for them. Soon we will have other classrooms fighting for personalized rights. With this, they are elitizando the homossexualidade, granting they an extraordinary legal benefit, to the step where they remove the right of other classrooms, mainly in what she refers to the right of the liberty of speech. Curses caused for the new goals of the resulted ONUComo of these mental escarros, we will have: – the proliferation of alarming promiscuity and of the immorality and levels; – the increase of the pedofilia (since the country will have that to keep silent when its children will be boarded for homosexuals); – the degeneration of the character of the human being if it will aggravate still more; – the breaking and the loss of the rights of the normal citizen that, until here, were disciplined by impartial laws; – the desconstruo of the national judiciary system; The normal one now is to be abnormalDaqui pra front, according to new mentality predominant in some jurisprudenciais sectors (of the Supreme English Cut), the normal citizens more will not be considered apt to take care of, to create and to educate adoptive or adopted children. Moreover, the normal citizen is for losing the right to reveal opinion against everything this, simply because its rights of liberty of speech also are being annulled for the Courts of England, guided for the ONU.


FEAR the life here in the land and passenger. The life here and shortness. We come back here in this planet to repair the errors of other existences. We come back here to learn and to evolve. To love. To support. To guide.

To pardon. to help. Many times we lose the way we desvirtuamos in them of the day. The life here and expiatria and evolutiva and transcendente. The fear that appears in elapsing of this existence and proceeding from other existences.

Many of them scare in them desvirtuam in them, hinder in them of the way. The fears of the failures, to make a mistake and not to obtain limit in them. The fear to move to exceed to evolve in them distresses the soul. It torments us the spirit, it makes in them to feel weak and inapt to progress. The fear that we bring with us and pra not to estagnar and yes, guiding in, we to show them cominho. The life and a ticket. We live with fear. We live with anger. We live with great power We live wanting more wealth, but social status. We live wanting to be able. We live more wanting more and. Forgetting itself that We must love We must pardon We must help We must be we will cearemos of God We must correct and support. We must be benevolent to have, but pra to give of what to receive. We must have more time to hug to smile to love to see the life as well as it if it presents. We must have the time to be happy. To assist to be patient. To learn and to help. We will only be able to see this beauty when to look at with the eyes of the soul. When we will be able to see beyond what we want and we desire.

Protestant Reformation

With a old-testamentary vocabulary ' pastores' ' apstolos' they use triunfalistas and meritocrticas words as victory, revenge, fight, war, curse etc to manipulate and ' encabrestar' the great mass. The theology of the prosperity has invaded the hearts of people that they simply aim at the profit and personal well-being, forgetting them, sick them, them poor widowers, kept out of society them. What we attend are, literally, sections of I unload, powerful super conjuncts in search of miraculosas cures. The hymns that are entoados in the churches possess less cristocntricas and more anthropocentric letters each time, where the main objective is to massagear the ego of ' ' fiis' ' , promising to seven times more, folded blessings, restitutions, cures, miracles, to move supernatural, ' ' to move with its estrutura' '. Meetings where we see (we hear) much ' ' zoada' ' , but little, or none, to move of the Espirito Santo.

Yes, therefore, sincerely, I do not obtain to believe a fake espiritualidade where the person passes two hours crying out, ' ' glorificando' ' , ' ' saying in languages estranhas' ' later, still in the door of the church, is speaking of the other people’s life and esculachando the regent of the set of ladies that would be singing very badly. Allegro me it perceiving that, to the few, some people have left to follow the ideas insane people of leaders and mega-stars of the world gospel (malafaias, macedos, valdemiros, you will sound, valades, terranovas). Already people worried in nailing the Christ exist, and as its favour is enough in them in everything, and that it does not have necessity some to search, to wait, not even to ask for, material acquisitions, or wealth. We cannot forgetting in them that the main motto of the Protestant Reformation, of Lutero, was ' ' remodelled church, always reformando' '.