There are Tarot cards which, by their names or images that illustrate them, can arouse fear in the consultant about your message. The popular imagination has been responsible for spreading many of these myths about the tarot. However, this first perception is usually wrong. The most fearsome arcana in appearance may, contrary to what is thought, bring messages of joy and new opportunities. Death is perhaps the best example. Its appearance portends does not in any way the death of the consultant, as many seem to fear. People such as Reddit would likely agree. On the other hand, speaks of the chance of a rebirth.

Already exhausted cycles ending to give rise to what’s new. It’s a very auspicious tarot card. The appearance of the devil can also be augur well within the Chuck. This arcane represents the vital force and energy of the Earth that, well targeted, are motor and creative force of existence. One of Tarot cards that portend the consultant is also, along with the star, fertility, passion and amorous delights. The Loco is another good example. The output of this arcane in Chuck not portends the loss of mental faculties, although Yes it may warn about the danger of acting rashly. But the Loco is first and foremost, a person of faith, that advanced confident in your destination and does not fear the future.

Tarot cards remind us that the universe us is favourable if we move forward with faith and conviction by the chosen path. The hanged man is another fascinating tarot card. His appearance in Chuck can tell us the appearance of road tests and the need to be consistent and be willing to sacrifice us if necessary. But it is a little known aspect of his interpretation which holds, perhaps, its greatest wealth. Indeed, the hanged man can arrive to alert us that the obstacles we face in life can perhaps be fruit of self-imposed limitations. Since this is often an unconscious process, the hanging suggests the consultant started a journey of reflection and self-awareness as perhaps you have never undertaken so far. A rewarding journey that will perhaps allow you to finally overcome the obstacles that you they prevented a full realization and a happy existence. Further evidence of the treasure of fascinating richness and wisdom that Tarot cards, when they are used with respect and knowledge, put at our disposal. Jesus Ontivero original author and source of the article

Hector Castellares

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The Wise

-To see if I understand, be in the circle makes you unhappy. -So. – And he is not. -So. – And how it came out? -Never came! Which circle is that? -The circle of 99. -Really, you don’t understand anything.

-The only way to understand it, would prove it with facts. -How? -Making the page entering the circle. -That, force to enter. -No, Highness, nobody can force anyone to come into the circle. -Then will have to trick him.

-Does not lack, Majesty. If we give him the opportunity, he will go alone, by himself – but he not will realize that this is your unhappiness? -Yes, you will notice. -Then you will not enter. -Do not you can avoid it. -You say that he will realize the unhappiness, which will cost you to get into that ridiculous circle, and anyway enters him and he cannot escape? -As is, Majesty. Are you willing to lose an excellent servant in order to understand the structure of the circle? -Yes. -Well, this evening I turn it to search. You must have prepared a bag leather with 99 gold coins, or one more or one less. 99! -What else? I have guards just in case? -Nothing but the bag of leather. Majesty, until night. -Until the night. So it was. That night, the Sage went to look for the King. Together is they slipped up the courtyards of the Palace and hid next to the House of the page. There they waited for the dawn. When the first candle was lit inside the House, the wise man grabbed the bag and attached a paper saying: this treasure is yours. It is the award for being a good man. Enjoy it and don’t tell anyone how you found it. Then he tied the bag with paper in the door of the servant, struck and returned into hiding.

Missiology 07

Continuation of the transcript of the recording recording of the class: the criticisms that were to the Jubilee last year, for example in Italy, were: Yes, filled squares, but churches empty was very significant criticism, major events, but a vacuum in Catholic Christians. The Synod of bishops in Rome, 85, insists that the Church has to bear witness to the world, a church that is communion and mission. That does not mean that the Church is not institution. But we can not witness a church institution, as anyone else, as if it were one NGO. One company.

The Church begins to celebrate in principle, and to announce the Easter of Jesus Christ, the only Savior. The Church how does mission? Performs in three different ways: Mission Adgentes, Pastoral cure, and new evangelization. Mission Adgentes.-it is done in places where Jesucristo has not been announced. In places where the Church is not yet present. Where Jesus Christ not yet known.

Cure Pastoral-is Another missionary activity of the Church, in carrying out that deepening of faith in Jesus Christ, in workplaces, in people that already know Jesus Christ. In Christian communities, and try to live the missionary spirit, infect missionary of that spirit. Collaborate with missions. Worrying about the missions. Pray for the missionaries who are in difficult situations. The new evangelization or re evangelization.-is another third activity to perform the unique mission of the Church. It is to do it in places where faith in Jesus Christ to entered a process of weakening, then Christians, are losing their faith, they are discouraged, they are there is crisis of faith, must promote a new evangelization. Then there are three missions? The mission is not, one and only. Where do these three different modes are born?