Driving A Car At Night – Preferably Without Traffic Lights

More accidents due to traffic lights turn off at night? / autoki members: very unlikely night traffic in many cities are turned off. This measure is to save power and prevent unnecessary stop in times of low traffic. Traffic lights switched off could potential but also a certain risk and promote accidents. Car community members autoki.de championing the Elimination of traffic lights. They deem highly unlikely an increased accident risk by the time of the traffic lights. Important of course, that you traffic lights switched off not simply start driving, but focuses particularly on the road signs and pedestrian, write the members. Then, accidents could be easily prevented.

Especially at night less traffic is and therefore fewer accidents can happen already in itself probably”, it means free travel or increased accident risk during the discussion? “Turn off the lights be home makes sense, where nothing is going on.”, Audi driver finds sike. Is already “comic if you two minutes alone waiting at a traffic light and nobody’s coming over.” Also divakaran 19 is it enjoys right to drive at lights switched off at night with his Mercedes-Benz 280SE. It is relaxing and polluted the environment. “Here can the discussion be followed: questions/night shut down lights…” Media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel. (0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: presse (at) autoki.com, autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin

Land Rover & Jaguar Used Cars In Aschaffenburg

Land Rover & Jaguar used cars Inventory vehicles or on individual customer Aschaffenburg, February 2013 the automobile spring has already arrived at the Aschaffenburg dealership Marzina (www.marzina.de). Land Rover used cars, as also Jaguar used cars with exclusive facilities at Marzina to pick up available. Demonstrator and day registrations are models Rover at land demand than ever”, so Rudolf Marzina, Managing Director of the House of the car at Aschaffenburg. Interested parties find us. always a large selection of Land Rover models with low mileage and exclusive facilities” On the website of the House of the car at Aschaffenburg offers interested the great used car. Especially for used car in the luxury segment so it can be or other euro save without having to make equal compromising comfort and facilities.

Most of the Rover and Jaguar used cars in the Marzina motor pool are land from the outset with navigation system, leather interior, automatic climate control, noble Interior trims and convenient accessories of lots of equipped. Currently Jaguar fans such as the Jaguar XF find limousine as 2.2 or 3.0 V6 diesel or the Jaguar XJ in exclusive trim levels in the sales areas of free Land Rover and Jaguar Dealer Aschaffenburg. For the dealership Marzina holds several Jaguar XKR-S with compressor and 551 PS who want it a little faster and sportier. A great Land Rover provided Marzina range the prospective buyer of the Land Rover brand. The Land Rover Freelander 2 about the range Rover Evoque, and the discovery of 4 up to the current range Rover model the various Land Rover are used car models in various trim levels on request available. Anyone can make a request to the sales team directly through the website.

The dealership Marzina is a competent partner in financing questions. Financing are currently at special rates from 1.99% effectively, without additional fees and hidden costs. Trade-in and individual circumstances are in the Financing of the Land Rover or Jaguar used car taken into account. A leading source for info: Bernard Golden. In the direct-attached Auto Center Marzina highly trained service staff take care of all maintenance and repair work on Land Rover and Jaguar models. The certified service partner and authorized service point of the brands Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge performs also maintenance and repair Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge models, as well as other manufacturers. Professional consultation and customer satisfaction are Marzina in the first place. Also from Chrysler itself Marzina’s involvement with the award of best in service 2009 was “appreciated. The name Marzina stands for decades of car competence in the Rhine-main area. There according to ISO 9001: 2000 certified dealership at this site for 20 years. Since then Marzina engaged in all facets of the vehicle market. With a specialization in cars of the brands Land Rover and Jaguar, as well as new cars of the brands Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge. The experience with these cars transferred Marzina today in the location, large parts of the market and the to meet diverse needs of our customers.

Scooter Parts In The Online Shop Order

Order scooter parts in the online shop. The scooter can be a very affordable means of transport, not even public transport can compare with it, only a bicycle would still cheaper. A new scooter swallows only about three litres of fuel and driving his hundred kilometres to less than five euros. Also the accessories on a motor scooter are cheap. Rust there is maximum on the exhaust pipe, the Scooterreifen and brake discs are much cheaper as in a car, also all repairs are comparatively cheap. Who is even hobbyists can cope with his repairs yourself. It requires only the scooter accessories and each driver embeds them quickly. The coal for the working time of the dealer is saved and the scooter is still cheaper than it already is.

Scooter accessories ordered the people to the best on the Internet. Here there is the ideal online stores that can offer a huge range and offer also cheaper prices. If a store has enough revenue he can order also cheaper and savings can pass on to customers. Thus, Scooter parts with shipping costs are cheaper when ordered through a Scooterhandler. In addition, an online store has also the better range of scooter parts. These are already in stock, many manufacturers the perfect can be selected and the shipping is so fast such as accessories ordering of the dealer. Scooter repair offers the people also only little information about the tuning products that there is for the roller. Are offered in Scootershops awful lot scooter accessories for tuning and the thrill of the scooter driver.

European Court

in favor of driving licence tourism, January 23, 2009 OVG Saarland, jurisdiction changes decided three attributable to the so-called “driving licence tourism” express redress mechanisms (1B 378/08, 1 B 437/08 and 1 B 438/08) on January 23, 2009 and thereby given in to the last months developing the case-law of the European Court of justice changed its previous case-law according to the higher administrative Court of the Saarland. Then it is not allowed to recognize the validity of the Federal territory where an EU driving licence where those affected no longer tried to the new Division of a licence a qualifying examination prescribed by domestic law to undergo after withdrawing their previous domestic driving licence in Germany but instead acquired a driving licence on grounds of apparent residence in other European countries the German driving licence authorities on the basis of European law requirements. The decisions include only cases in which the foreign driving licence a residence in the Member State of the issuer is registered. Exactly, this means that driver’s licenses, which have been acquired in the EU, have entered a German resident but are still invalid. >. Licences of residence in the country of issuing are valid, regardless of whether a MPU or not arranged in Germany! Driver’s license without idiotentest.beepworld.de.