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Plug and wash Regardless of where the use of all the techniques employed in the wash, you need more, and to properly connect and perform some other important terms. For example, overseas in private houses under the laundry room for many years allocates special places. They represent a cupboard with painted electricity, pipes and a place for washing and drying machines, or a small room, often without windows. In any case, the washing machine shall be provided for a separate cable, because failure to do so can be grounds for voiding the warranty on a washing unit, as in the instruction manual is written that the Food machine needs its own power cord. Given that the total capacity of washing and drying machines is very high, it makes sense to pay attention to the parameters of their power. The lowest level of consumption electric cars have a class "A +". Because modern devices are equipped with a large number of electronics, is extremely sensitive to the parameters of the network, you need to foresee and the presence of a voltage stabilizer. For organization drain the washing machine put the stopcock.

With poor quality water is also recommended to place the coarse filter. Organization draining can be accomplished in various ways. The easiest, but not very convenient way – just hang the drain hose on the edge of the bathtub or toilet. Much more effective and safer – to set tee into drains or the regular siphon flat. To machine does not vibrate, it is necessary to expose it to level. It is recommended to put in for this purpose under the assembly sheet chipboard or rubber mat, which at the same time will mute, and noise. Finally, the final chord associated with the arrangement of their own laundry, is to solve problems of storing clothes. It is best to use for this mesh baskets.

Their elements are made from epoxy coated steel or white steel colors. This design is light and strong, does not preclude air circulation, does not accumulate dust, the floor remains open for easy cleaning. Your cart is easily visible, they move freely and removed. When you select a closet for a bathroom or other rooms with high humidity to pay attention to on DSP-enhanced water resistance – it is denoted by the letter "B". For these "fans" are always clean and fresh linen can recommend modern cabinets, equipped with a noiseless ventilation, which provides ventilation and aromatization of clothing. Such a possibility exists, for example, in models of European factories Interluebke. It is not difficult to see a modern laundry no longer reduced only to the elementary remove dirt. This is a multistep process, which allows you to turn the world around you in a dazzling reality where there is no room for even the smallest speck. Press Service Ltd. "Grundfos"