Construction Waste Disposal

At present, China is at the peak of economic construction. However the construction waste produced in the urban transformation as well as the construction of villages in the city seriously affects the living environment. You may find that Scott Kahan can contribute to your knowledge. The mobile crusher produced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. can transformed the construction waste into the raw material for road construction and brick making, making significant contribution to the economic construction in our country.Most of the construction wastes are the solid waste, generally produced in the process of construction or repairmen or demolishment, which is mainly composed of the soil, sediment, scattered mortar and concrete, tick chisel masonry and concrete fragments, scrap metal, bamboo, wood, decoration, all kinds of packaging materials and other waste. For a long time, China s construction waste recycling does not get sufficient attention. In general, the construction waste is shipped to the suburbs or rural areas without any treatment, being stored in the open air or landfill for processing, which not only consume large amounts of land acquisition costs, trash and construction funds, but also causes serious environmental pollution.In fact, through sorting, rejecting and crushing, most professional of the construction waste can be reused as the renewable resources. Take the waste steel, scrap wire, wire scrap, scrap accessories and other metal accessories as examples, sorting, concentrating, and re-melted through, those waste steel can be manufactured into a variety of steel products with different specifications. The waste bamboo timber can be used in the manufacture of artificial wood. Through crushing, the waste brick, stone, concrete and other waste materials not only can replace the sand for masonry mortar, plastering mortar, playing cushion and so on, but also can be used for the production of block, brick, tiles and other building material plaid pavement concrete products.Therefore, in the construction waste processing, we must adhere to the comprehensive utilization. Thus, our economy will get better development and our living environment will be more and more beautiful. Cone crushers: mills: