Netbooks & Gadgets

Netbooks Netbook (English Netbook) – a small notebook, intended for Internet access and work with office applications. Netbooks differ compact size (10.7 inch diagonal display), weighing around 1 kg, the lowest power consumption and relatively low cost. In a mobile notebook computers are used cost-series processors Intel Atom, via C7-M, Intel Celeron M ulv, amd Geode and chipsets. Also often set not only the hard drive, but instead more commonly used solid-state drive, though some recent models with hdd and ssd. In netbooks used different operating systems based on gnu / Linux, and Windows xp Home Edition and Windows Vista Home Basic in (sometimes used Windows Vista Business).

For what purposes the Differences netbook netbook notebook: Reduced diagonal screen Small keyboard Mobile processor A small amount of hard drive Longer battery life, compared with laptops. There are also subnotebooks. Unlike sub-notebooks from netbooks in price and there is no cd or dvd drives on netbooks. Netbook – a good option for those who can not live without an office computer with Internet access. And the weight comes into play. Simply to carry a laptop weighing an average of 1 kg, and you can shove into the middle bag (slightly smaller sheet of A4), than 3-4 kg in a big bag, much easier. And the price. The average price of netbooks 12 – 20 thousand rubles, and a laptop from an average of 27 thousand rubles. May seem that difficult to print on a netbook, but it is only the beginning – then a matter of habit.