It is frankly embarrassing that candidates and Peruvian political visit to the Embassy of the United States to go to confession about their problems, den alleged lessons of how it must lead a country, criticize his opponents, and even ask for help to defeat their opponents and many do so with the hope that will reach them a billetito for your campaign to be official or through an NGO, ligue les a trip and with the belief that to receive his blessing or approval from us.UU. they will be able to govern the country.Adjectives for those politicians of lackeys, crawling fall them knob, although it would be better to qualify them from homelands for sale. Once we are learning what they will converse with American diplomats, that political rot does not deserve to govern the country, be parliamentarians, or have a public function. Shame having that kind of politicians who, by a sanguchito, a drink or a hamburger sold in the most deplorable way!But very few are saved, now will be the gringos Wikileaks, tomorrow be able to escape the Russian, Chinese, Venezuelan, Chilean, Spanish, wikileaks. And also we will have surprises. Cerved is often quoted on this topic.

No politician is going to be able to throw the first stone. NYSE DNB might disagree with that approach. All are a long tongue for a plate of lentils.They are exporters, traders, well, happens. Total they want to open their markets, sell them more, it is your business. Nothing to do politicians and until I am sure that also have paraded certain journalists and analysts, committing the same sin, but his wikileaks will be disseminated? They run bets!Serve that these wikileaks as lesson for politicians, journalists, for all. The problems must be vented at home, without foreign influence.

It is a shame, I again repeat, that go as gossipy old to tell them their sorrows, to foreign diplomats, who, them, happy, receive information you transmit to their Governments, justifying their salaries. * Journalist. Member of the foreign press.

Business Being

Greetings my dear reader and my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will tell about your endeavors and micro-enterprises. For more information see Karin Risi. This is an interesting article on the recommendations of a genius of the money, about being first and then make things happen in our favor in the financial field. This recommendation is essential for the development of our economic intelligence and that of our financial future. I advise you to continue reading don’t forget and keep in mind that this article has been written based on the book by Robert Kiyosaki and which I recommend reading compulsorily to take advantage of everything of value that it contains topics of business and entrepreneurship. () It is not the diet that counts; It’s who you have to be to follow the diet that counts has. However, each year millions of people are looking for the perfect diet in order to lose weight. Focus on what they have to do, rather than on who it should be. A diet will not help you if your thoughts do not change. By the same author: Bridgewater Associates.

() – If we keep that attitude and We continue with the idea that we only need to do certain things to change our lives in the aspect that we want – will never get the results we want, or at least they will not last long term. The right thing is to change our way of thinking and that align with our goals. () She use golf as another example: many people buy a new set of golf clubs with the hope that will improve your game, instead of starting with the attitude, mentality and beliefs of the professional golfer. A bad golfer with a new set of golf clubs is still a bad golfer. () – Which is not in the form is not equipment or tools – that while they can help – is not a factor crucial to improve our game (either golf or money) everything is within ourselves.

And always let us think and act according to what they’ll learning about personal finance, business, entrepreneurship and investment. That said always seeks to investigate issues relating to financial education in order to have best results and improve our lifestyle, as well as also others. I say goodbye and wish them the best.


Customizable prototype or template for decision-making that I propose is still a cyclical or iterative scheme of continuous improvement. It begins by defining the problem about which a decision taking into account what is the ultimate goal to be pursued. (See diagram iterative fig. 1) Figure 1 if you go any kind of organization are constantly making decisions. We analyze in this article an outline of the main points to keep in mind to make good decisions. In the world of Coaching is often appeal to the need to take action with the following reflection: do nothing as it is, in itself, a decision. I would add that experience teaches that decisions do not you learn only taking decisions for what is necessary to learn a system of decisions that make us more effective, i.e.

that lead us in the best possible way to achieve the results you need our small or large company. How to build a system that serves us to make decisions? 1.-analyzing the ideas fixed or entrenched beliefs that we use to make decisions, adopt or reinforce beliefs that we are useful and discarding that lead us to ruin (and not vice versa). For example: I am an effective steering because I decide quickly guided by my intuition and experience. This belief can lead us to some rainfall in important decision-making because it seems the idea that we must take action as it will to prevail. Do you have taken any hasty decision from which you’ve then had to go repenting every day of your life?. To illustrate this, we can think of the latest decision of purchase that you have made.

How was it? If it has been pondered find out which criteria of decision you’ve based. The lack of criterion is at the base, many times, the error in deciding. Many young people complain bitterly of that have been enrolled in a career that was not that had to be picked.

Parliamentary Bases

In how many places happen? Who we put here? By: Sigfredo Leal Levy reflections in positive in several conversations have handled that there may be many conditions that justified the change of date for the municipal elections, and that possibly being operated the possibility, who knows if true or not, move parliamentary elections of next year. This is a situation that corresponds to the CNE, but politically credible evaluation situations occur. In the contact that I maintain with some related national political movement, I find a constant, the concern of what happens or what might happen with the candidates of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, because in some cases sit in the main room there is competition to the old style of the fourth, where those who have any position of powercontact that allows them to this position they are trying to place their relatives, to his paintings in the salidora position and the collective feels that it has remained present of influence peddling. It is frequent that the collective feel that you unleashed a struggle for control of the party and the bases move away from the party and engaged in activities resulting from the missions. The bombardment of the media, or of social penetration that flood to the environment of opinions that seek the dismantling of the structure of the PSUV is added to this, and that with the example that you notice it is possible achieve in good average that disarticulation. One thing happens in national or regional policies while the communities occurs another. And let’s add that it is has gone setting aside, for a very long time, formation and structural training bases in the ideological and the formation of pictures, what seemed intentional because that keeps to the sponsored spaces why question that some we will do in few places happen? and as a result of fears generated by printing of infighting for power and control of the game do to who will get as candidate for OS charges to choose in LAS MUNICIPAL AND THE PARLIAMENTARY? And this happens do is you will give the BACKING POPULAR to those candidates? I don’t have the answer, but if is something, and it is that attends the restlessness of the bases or runs the risk of losing many seats on municipal councils, you ends parish and National Assembly.