Having a carpet is expensive, not by the cost of the carpet but by the cost of keeping it clean, the only way was to hire professionals to succeed in removing the stains of blood, wine or any other product that are very difficult to remove, but when the economy is bad, to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet was only possible with homemade recipes that will only harm the quality of your carpetHowever, now it is no longer so difficult, there is now a product that guarantees the carpet cleaning without damaging you to you or to your carpet. This product is made based on a combination of bacteria and enzymes, these organisms are selected and they are then adapted for a better development and performance. Carpet cleaning occurs because organisms tend to degrade the stain up to separate it from the carpet and to facilitate its extraction with different instruments. Carpet cleaning has never been so easy, now you can make it without having to spend so much money on professionals and get the same results, also this product guarantees maintain the quality of your carpet, without damaging your skin and the environment. If you ask where can I find it? Therefore, they are now in the city of Monterrey to be able supply throughout regia society, known for his personal hygiene and their homes. No longer doubt it keep your carpet clean for visitors and for yourself, with a single product, do not use the homemade recipes that only damage your skin and your carpet..