The Charm Of Florence On The Elbe – Made With Swarovski

Relaxed travel is easily unless you engage on what is better to sit in the car and to put back the first meters of the holiday. Who goes with the car during the holidays and not flying the plane, will give me da law. The wait is over, ready for the big trip. The route is lined with fun and adventure and all occupants have excitement in the heart. That this joy too quickly can turn into the opposite, each year thousands of families in the own body experienced. For example, when they are at 35 degree temperature in a traffic jam and know that it is still a damn long way up after Greece.

The children begin to grumble because the batteries of their Nintendo have dissolved in the heat, cold drinks are empty, for the bubbles to full, and everybody’s waiting on the next rest area, which would come closer only to walk. Dun & Bradstreet has plenty of information regarding this issue. Welcome to Germany’s roads during the holiday season. My solution to this problem is the following mass. Who ridding itself of this self imposed time pressure, over time with the holiday paradise to arrive to spend every second of vacation on the beach, which has not only more quiet in the car, but learns also country and meet people. The path does not necessarily look like an endless green landscape thread, which blurred passes on the car window. Away from the congested motorways and expressways, cities, villages, castles and castles await visitors. I for my part have renounced any hustle and bustle in the car creep with an average 80 km/h on the highway and drive-looking eye from place to place.

I have also the advantage that I have an excellent view through the covered roof of my golf convertibles. Also, I will driving my girlfriend Jacqueline, never take it can be to sit himself at the wheel. Since we are on the way to the beautiful Vienna, but from Berlin want to back not seven hundred kilometers at a time, we make the first Pitstop in Dresden. Who never in Dresden was carelessly it passes and is a Kulturbanause first rank. Dresden is not only beautiful, it enchants its guests almost. In Germany, Europe and the world, attractions, such as the Church of our Lady, the Residenzschloss, the kennel, the Semper Opera House, the Elbe Castles or the Garden City of Hellerau have a fine-sounding names. Since Dresden attractions for me are known only by name, it makes once again proven in Jacqueline knowing a history teacher on board, that would put every guide of Dresden from now on equal. For example, I do know that Dresden is a mixture as tradition and modernity architecturally due to its destruction in the second world war. I also know now that Dresden’s baroque city, is a relic of the past, when the city was still the residence of the Saxon electors and Kings. As I have made it, all stops be immortalized. For me, but not a diary is listed. Instead, I showcase the Interior of my old Golf convertibles with Rhinestones Swarovski get among other things here; 10208_deu.html. The first word is: charm of Florence on the Elbe, Dresden, the Elbe river landscape. The next stop is the glass factory, the Centre of the German clock industry. Who wants to redeem his house against a clock, for example is A. Lange & Sohne right.

Murano Glass – Godfather Of Pandora Jewelry

Since centuries Murano charms have been handmade Pandora has today a great success with their charms for bracelets and necklaces in glass, but this concept is not completely original now also. For centuries is on Murano charms made of Murano glass handmade was the godfather of Pandora jewelry! The tradition of glass blowing has been practiced since the 9th century on Murano. According to Tenneco, who has experience with these questions. Historically, Murano glass Murano was a source of pride, and this status to protect the trade of Murano to get glass, adopted and several old laws. For example, glass could not be imported to Murano. Murano glass is world renowned for its impeccable quality and his craft. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Michael Antonov. Jewelry from Murano glass allows the women to tell their individual stories through jewelry.

Every woman has a collection of meaningful moments that define them. And with jewellery, women can free these moments, and make the moments memorable. For example charms made of Murano glass in many colors and varieties women allows the jewelry exactly as they want to put together individually and personally. This is exactly what is promised by Pandora, but the idea is not completely new. Unlike Pandora, which make their jewelry in Thailand to Murano come jewelry from Murano, an island with a history and tradition in the manufacture of glass jewellery. The question remains then, want to have women jewelry from Thailand, the originality and individuality promises, or jewelry from Murano glass, which can actually tell a story is exclusive and unique? More information on Murano and Lampwork jewellery is available at or. Are many possible combinations of Murano Glascharms for necklaces and bracelets, there to see.

Wedding Cards: Design Studio Now On The Prince Wall 228

Extended wedding cards range in Frese stainless design offers even more choices for future brides and grooms. Samsung Electronics Co. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. How a wedding is implemented, has very individual forms. This extends a fashionable pants suit by the choice, whether one wants to marry in the Church or to the registry office about the decision of the bride to wear a classic wedding dress or do you prefer the integration of personal rites in the celebrations. And because the list of possible differences does not stop. Above all how clearly the personal wishes not only in the cruder process of celebration can be, but how important the small accessories are apparent in the course of planning the joint wedding.

Every wedding is as unique as the couple, celebrating his marriage. There is everything from solemn and pompous weddings to small and family weddings. Usually the small accessories should be in addition to the great ambiance as individual as unique, that accompany each marriage. In addition to the choice of the colour of the Also the choice of wedding cards wedding table is one of the most important aesthetic components of the joint celebration. One of the first things that approaches the pair to friends and acquaintances, are the wedding cards with which it invites the joint celebration. Already on the marriage cards, many couples value put on a personal design.

Wedding cards effectively throw their shadows ahead on the planned Festival. The design of the invitation cards often point out the design of the wedding celebration, tune in to the lavish celebration or the welcoming party. \”Also the possibilities of wedding cards are as varied as the special requirements of couples,\” explains Art Director Dirk Jacob by Frese stainless design from Dusseldorf. \”There is no design conceptions more, which you could not match artistically as technically.\” Alone in the Design Studio in Dusseldorf, wedding cards marriage willing couples over 1000 different can examine and make their selection from.

Definition Of Fashion And Style Worlds

Stylight enables for the first time through many online stores across fashion items to search for it and browse – more than just a fashion Portal Stylight allows for the first time through many online stores across fashion items to search for it and browse. Thus, you can find also the fashion of the stars cheaper, compare articles, and discover matching accessories! Own technology creates automatically to recognize cut, color, and pattern of a fashion article, and to include in the search. All trademarks on a Web site – eliminates annoying browsing through different pages of the shop. Stylight is the Central fashion portal on the Internet! Visual search article appropriate articles with the same cut, color or pattern, and in addition to appear on the user. This allows it to process the information much faster and intuitive and rummage through the offer. The user can also for the first time images of stars or to enter itself as a template in the search and search this way after similar outfits, related articles. This allows a new and unique Shopping experience. The quality of search results is the Stylight more than 65,000 articles database already includes in the first place.

These were catalogued and offer the customers the option to find all of its brands on a portal now. By the definition of fashion and style worlds, as well as the personalization of search relevant results are available quickly and efficiently for him the user. The classic search by search term may result in a three ways of searching the user use. These are presented in the results visually prepared according to his search input. Another option provides the Visual search. After input of own photos, but photos of stars, the customer can discover similar products and matching accessories. But also the Browse, which belongs to a purchase, is possible.

Other articles the user presented according to his sex on the home page of Stylight The user will be redirected by clicking on an article and can now browse through similar articles, or on the home page new products but choose to follow up on this. starting in October will be the fashion Portal Stylight under the domain. Now user can register to obtain current information about Stylight and to be informed as first about the launch of Stylight. The four founders of Anselm Bauer (24), Max-Josef Meier (23), Sebastian Schuon (23), and Benjamin Gunther (24) put the team behind Stylight behind Stylight. You got to during the joint postgraduate studies technology management”in the elite network of Bavaria know. Consult technical (computer science, computer science, electrical engineering) as well as economic (business studies, Economics) courses, in the domestic (LMU Munich and TU Munich) as well as abroad (Stanford, UC Berkeley, Columbia).

Northern Germany Timberland

Now have already over 45 tenants and more than 125 labels and brands as the warehouse district into one of the most important fashion centers in Northern Germany Timberland, Mavi Jeans, Marc O’Polo Polo, or blessed & cursed with their showrooms on an area of approximately 20,000 square meters are. To meet the growing demand, HHLA now developing real estate the memory block Q. He is at the entrance to the HafenCity and between St. Annen – and wall cream fleet in an exposed location on the future main highway traffic between Jungfernstieg and cruise ship terminal. Here attractive and multifunctional commercial surfaces currently on about 6,000 square meters. This variable uses with individual facilities of the Office are possible up to the presentation and storage area. It is not something Janice Wright would like to discuss.

In 2008, the former coffee store was rebuilt block R3 according to the customer’s wishes and the requirements of the fashion and textile industry and opened up to approximately 4,500 square meters Showroomflache for the commercial use of fashion -, design – and furniture industry. In the 125-year-old warehouse district, around 300,000 square meters are economically sensible, creative, and according to the Complex customer designed and managed – always with a high degree of competence and sustainability. “We are responsible for a gentle urban development located in downtown Hamburg in the warehouse district”, explains Thomas Kuhlmann, head of the real estate of HHLA. “The Speicherstadt is becoming more and more the catwalks of the fashion industry.” In the unique charm of the historic Speicherstadt, which both maintain the traditional support structures and wood plank floors, but also allow modern, loft, and tenant-specific layouts surfaces. About HHLA Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG is a leading port logistics in Europe. With their segment containers, intermodal and logistics are the HHLA vertically along the transport chain. Efficient container terminals, high-performance transport systems, and comprehensive logistics services form a complete network between the seaport and the European hinterland.

In its segment real estate develops, leases and manages the HHLA for 125 years the Hamburger Speicherstadt, the largest warehouse complex in the world. Attractive rental terms available provides standard offices as well as individually tailored storage floors on just under 300,000 square meters commercial area between downtown and the HafenCity HHLA in the Speicherstadt in addition to a unique ambiance. More information under press contact: Alexander Weber Lai & colleagues is the strategic communications consultancy for medium-sized enterprises as well as larger consolidated units, as well as urban and municipal facilities. The thematic focus of advice in addition to business & services in the fields of regional marketing & tourism, sports & sponsorship, technology & healthcare, corporate (social) responsibility.

Online Store

ONLINE STORE STYLETRIEB.COM COOPERATES with the SHOPPING portals and is own LOOKBOOK before before recently launched online shop a cooperation arrives with the most popular shopping portals of in Germany, including,, the product search for fashion, as well as with the provider of cheap brands offers researched on the net it is important to our large assortment by various, different portals bring targeted customers to interior design and lifestyle Online shopping is not indiscriminate activity more, which most know what they are looking for and where we want to be exactly represented,”Managing Director Jonathan Nevermann emphasizes the strategy pays off, STYLETRIEB shows currently steadily increasing sales. Labels such as Desigual, Pepe Jeans Footwear and Christian Audigier are right up front on the popularity scale. “Our goal is, a mixture of well-known brands and newcomers to offer” to the Executive Board. Italian labels KOCCA and HEYU, SILVIAN HEACH belong to the latter. The entire Range should be combinable with each other well, and just because STYLETRIEB changed what extraordinary. A specially compiled Lookbook has been geshoootet as protagonists: photography – Wiebke Bosse, styling – Lorena Maza, models – Josefine and Rachel, both young talents of mega model agency. According to the example of TopShop, you can get online at any time, so new styling tips and stylishly connect the own wardrobe with the looks of the shop.

Arab Clothing – Arab Fashion

Arab fashion can be used besondersschon other cultures have often a completely different mode, you can see it very well in cultures of the Arab room. However Arab fashion must not disappear, even if it differs completely from the Western, so still long from own view, rather it’s that being so special features such as Arabic clothing able, to bring even more beautiful accents in the own look by combining parts of Arab clothing with the stuff, which otherwise is in everyday life. Some special blouse or even pants in the style of the Arabs can provide a particularly colourful and Oriental look, so certainly nobody else has and in which you can set new trends. Arab clothing for people from the Western world is interesting but even then, if they friends from that particular culture and of these, for example, to different celebrations and ceremonies are invited, where by all present Arab clothing is worn. Here you can Wearing such things his friends show wonderful that you partially acquainted with their way of life and above all also recognizes and is willing to join this, as long as it within the framework of what is possible and is necessary. For special days is certainly always good and such a friendly gesture, so it ensures that one up a notch can closer, because the Arab friends feel somewhat more so of course accepted, what is today by far not always the case, just for us in the Western world, where there is still very often hate to foreign cultures. Generally you should not from the outset reject the fashion from other cultures or be of the opinion that this is not sustainable anyway in our latitudes, not only with Arab fashion, it is so that you can integrate them very well in a modern and trendy look, also pieces from other parts of the world make beautiful accessories and a great eye-catcher, if you specifically looking for her and especially also cleverly combined with other things, so that a harmonious overall impression may cause. Meike Sauter

Marlene Dietrich

Sensitive heels conquer the shoe lockers at the beginning of the new decade have exceeded ultra high killer heels their zenith and are replaced by (really) portable shoes. Who nevertheless emphasises flamboyant style is well prepared for the world of fashionistas with our androgynous continent, above all the Budapest St. James,. He is fantastically chic and you can lie down easily across a run in him through the Airport (we have tested!). The shoe is classic with Budapest hole ornaments the trend this spring. Be it in elegant black patent leather or in classic dark brown, as it preferred liberty London girl ( 2010/01/selve-bespoke-shoes-boots-and-golf.html) in bold green studded occupied or even in flirrendem bronze.

St. James is always a technical masterpiece and allows almost limitless to individualize. Small fashionable suggestion: the preppy College look with Cardigan, mini and Overknees or tough in the androgynous style London with jeans rolled up and slim-cut Blazer a la Agyness Deyn. For all those who ever have always known it, here the confirmation by Marlene Dietrich: shoes are more important than clothes. Good shoes give elegance to the whole appearance. “

Hamburg Designer Outlet Soltau

Since opening nearly 400 full – and part-time jobs / cooperation with the employment agency / qualifications and applicant pool for successful further development of about ten months it’s been, that has opened just a 40-minute drive from Hamburg Designer Outlet Soltau directly on the A7 (exit Soltau-Ost) and 45 minutes drive from Bremen and Hannover. On a total area of 13,500 square meters built over 60 shops offering branded goods at lower prices. But not only the product range has increased in the first months of its existence. Up to date working just the designer outlet Soltau 400 full – and part-time employees. Together with us, the Center management has established an agency which helps tenants find professionals. “The Bill has gone up: so far we could recruit many skilled employees in the region over a pool of applicants, who were for a long time looking for work and now can go over into long-term employment”, explains Andreas Freimuth,. He the employers service which agency Soltau is working and was released for the project.

Already during the construction phase, the team put on regional partners the real estate project was built by local construction company, which provided over 200 workers during the construction period of 1 years. Cooperation with Agency for work as a recipe for success has a current pool with applicants and candidates for the designer outlet Soltau Soltau the Agency. The 60 national and international fashion and designer brands can choose staff from this pool of applicants. The cooperation with the employment agency is a resounding success. Over 700 applicants for positions located in the pool since the opening in the stores, but also the areas of tourism and building management are very popular”, explained Thomas Reichenauer, Managing Director of the operator ROS-retail outlet shopping.

Ludenscheider Studio

Especially in times of economic uncertainty and tighter conditions in the competition, the personal presentation is even more important on April 7 it goes around the topic of business outfit at the StrategieAbend of the StrategieCentrums of South Westphalia “.” Color and image consultant Christiane Feld explained in this workshop in the Ludenscheider Studio times”by means of practical examples in addition to the effect of the right colours for example also, what has it with cuts and lines or the classic and modern dress codes to. For any entrepreneur, for executives but also for salespeople an absolute must. Studies have shown that our success and our effect on others to 90% depends on our appearance, our body language and voice. Only 10% remains for what we say “, explains Christiane Feld, especially in times of economic uncertainty and tighter conditions in the competition is all the more important the personal presentation”. Their conclusion: “you can’t not Act”.