In order to know the right enterprise the right is due to know codified because the constitution is due to know poltica, cdigo penal, cdigo procedural civilian, the penal procedural cdigos, cdigo of commerce, among others cdigos. 4. STRAIGHT NOT CODIFIED to know the right enterprise it must know the right noncodified because one is due to know the elements or sources or parts the right that are not reunited or grouped in cdigos, like for example the jurisprudence enterprise, executory enterprise, general principles of the right, especficos principles applicable to the enterprise right, enterprise social reality, manifestation of will of the enterprise right, it indoctrinates enterprise, and enterprise norms which they are not cdigos like for example the general law of societies, the law of the stock market, the law of ttulos values, the general law of the competing system, the regulation of the registry of societies, the law of the individual company of responsibility limited, the norms of indecopi, the general law of customs, among others norms noncodified, nevertheless, these are not all the parts of the right noncodified. 5. STRAIGHT I PUBLISH the right is divided in three great branches of private and social the right that are straight pblico, thus next we will study first, which servir to have knowledge of the well-known doctrine but in our means. In order to know the right enterprise the right is due to know pblico because it is due to know straight penal the company, enterprise tributary right, right customs officer of the company, constitutional right of the company, enterprise procedural right, right enterprise, right office staff enterprise, right registry notarial enterprise, among others branches that are own of this of the right as it is by the way the pblico right. 6. STRAIGHT PREVAILED to know the right enterprise the right is due to know private because mercantile straight enterprise and right civilian is due to know the company, like the branches or sub branches of these branches of enterprise, right the right, between which we can mention the club right, right exchange enterprise, right stock-exchange, right competing of telecommunications of the company, right of communications of the company, marcario, right of patents, industrial right, among others own branches of the private right.

The Internet

You can choose to create his own program of affiliates or to register yourself in several settled down programs of affiliation. The difference between both is that you will commercialize his own products and services on the contrary to help somebody to sell his products and to obtain commissions. The time, money and, possibly, necessary manpower in the development of his own product it goes even though much in the beginning of his business from house. Also it considers the competition that exists anywhere in the world. The programs of affiliates are not the unique way to make money in a business from house. You can use his professional abilities and the work like independent contractor and the independent work. The Internet also offers a market of very active work, so if you are a specialist in some field, is probable that it is not too difficult to find a job to him.

The jobs full-time through Internet are little frequent. Many sites of Internet act like intermediaries to each other to obtain to the contractors and independent suppliers on watch to low but attractive prices. If it feels that it is difficult to begin its own business, to use its professional abilities can at first be one better option for you. The creation of a business from house will require of intelligence, I devise and hard work. If you are the type of person who occurs by won easily, she is not bothered in creating his own business, you you will be squandering his time. But you have enterprise instincts and is a person whom it likes to rise to the challenge, somebody sufficiently brave like becoming position of his own life, then intntelo at all costs which they are necessary, Never knows what can obtain it tries unless it. Good luck!

The Wealth

Therefore we must have much well-taken care of about which we thought and of the images that we have constantly in our mind for example: If we have in our mind disease thoughts, then we will be ill, if we have poverty thoughts then We will be every day but poor, but not only in material if that also we can be poor in happiness, health, love etc. But if we thought about the happiness, on the contrary then every day we will not be happier, if we thought about the wealth and we maintain Those images of wealth in our mind, inevitably we will be surrounded by wealth, if we imagined all along that We have to our side a special person, inevitably that person will arrive at our life. Another form of which our subconscious mind acts, is when we see images of the outside, for example the newspapers, the news in the TV or also when we listened to music. Our subconscious mind is able to catch many things that we cannot perceive allows mind, but for the subconscious mind this is very easy, and tries to make it reality. All the power is within we ourself and if we learn to handle it we will be able to obtain things that never we would think that they would be obtained. There is a very wise phrase that says: The MAN LIVES ACCORDING TO THINKS, and this is completely real. An exercise very good to be able to develop to be able of our mind is to think frequently about which we also want and to imagine and to think that already is ours, and thus the subconscious mind will cause that becomes a reality.