Roads And Driving

Typically, the road to the cottage does not go to the landfill Tank, yet it often resembles. Why, federal highways, too often resemble this very ground! For driving on such roads need an appropriate vehicle, here and there is a problem. SUVs and crossovers, even pretty expensive, money is only the usual foreign-made car or SUV on domestic production with a very questionable quality, perhaps even the complete absence thereof. We remind you, there is a firm Great Wall, which has already agreed to our problem. Addressing the name Hover H3. The car we offer at a price of 640 thousand rubles.

Quite modest for a big SUV Frame, is not it? For this price the car will be equipped with a gasoline-liter engine, 122 hp power and five-speed manual gearbox, which disperse this difficult SUV to 100 km / h in 11 seconds and top speed is 170 km / h. Consumption in the same the city remains at 10.8 liters per hundred kilometers, and beyond, and does fall to 8.2 liters. Not bad for an SUV, weighing close to two tons, is not it? In addition, the car-wheel drive with front plug-in bridge and a very decent ground clearance. What else is offered at this price? The list of equipment is impressive: the front airbags, ABS, height-adjustable front seat belts, climate control, power windows, central locking, heated front seats, steering column adjustable for height, but the very power steering, electric and heated mirrors. Yeah, with such a list leaves Hawver their domestic competitors far behind. Options such as: electric driver's seat entertainment system (CD/MP3/MP4/DVD/USB/Bluetooth) and leather upholstery are available in more expensive complete Hover Super Suite, the cost of which is 680 000 rubles. Great Wall Hover H3 – SUV Frame it for the price of ordinary "light vehicles" and that's it. Few competitors have much to make room.

European Ford Cars

And the European Ford year is determined by the 11 th position. Y Mercedes'll have to remove the rubber pad on the handlebars, covering the signal there should be branded as the sun and figures indicating the year. Actually, this "sun" are found in cars at many sites. And in the absence of signs with the VIN number year parts can indirectly indicate the age of the car. In addition, virtually All cars per month and year of manufacture listed on the fastening elements of safety belts. Of course, if the owner knows about the discrepancy, he can cut them.

Therefore it is better to remove the back seat – the "roots" back belts date release also indicated. It is possible to learn more and to plant the marking on the glass, however, remember that they can be easily changed. Next – evaluation of technical condition of the machine. Foreign cars have just arrived from abroad, for the uninitiated Buyers often give the impression of her appearance. Indeed, pre-training in Germany, Holland or Belgium, where they often come to us, beyond all praise. All defects that may visually identify the buyer, are eliminated.

Identify them can only expert scrutiny by the service station. Any examination, even with an experienced mechanic, will somehow be subjective, and complete understanding of the wear and tear will not. So, either take the car as it is, and buy or ask the seller to view it in the center. Although rare, but some owners of foreign cars on this consent.

Version Car

Modern sports sedan middle class Saab 9-3 is equipped with a broad line of gasoline turbo engines, consisting of three options with volumes from 1.8 to 2.8 liters and up to 250 hp, which allows the vehicle to demonstrate its sporty character on the roads. Appearance of the car is fascinating sight. Short front and rear overhangs, steep angle of windscreens make the car a powerful and strong. Wraps lines make the car graceful and really slim. A special type of windows, designed specifically for cars Saab, building lights and a form of bodywork finishing and unique designs make a recognizable car Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan. Increased braking efficiency with excellent aerodynamics make the new Saab 9-3 sport sedan reliable and safe when driving on the roads.

Precisely designed system allows the body to cut the air flow at movement, making the rear windows and rear lights are not afraid of road dust and dirt. Comfortable spacious five-seat cabin and increase comfort and ease of driving. Car Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan has three versions of the execution. Linear Version reflects the clean Scandinavian design, and is characterized by a good level of equipment. Version Vector has a sports-oriented and designed for the active style of driving. In the version Aero embodies all the experience of Saab. It treated as a level of equipment, and to the driving characteristics. The middle class station wagon with front-wheel-drive Saab 9-3 Sport Combi comes with three different gasoline engines equipped with turbocharger, various sizes from 1.8 liters to 2.8 liters with an output of 122 to 255 hp Sport Combi is designed for lovers of speed and an active lifestyle.

Its sporty nature even for a second does not yield to his brother sedan. Stopping your eyes on the grill with the accented central part, and an unusual design of headlights caught by a unique corporate identity common to all cars Saab. Sports chassis with reduced by 10 mm ground clearance in combination with 17-inch wheels, the system parking aid kit and sporting body parts are available in the sports car version of Aero. Equipment package “Comfort driving”: cruise control, trip computer and built-in fog lights are available in versions of Vector. Automatic climate control, adaptive front driver airbag, alarm system, ABS system is available in versions Linear.