Germany Customers

Cooperates BillPay GmbH now toys shipping D toy ( and the BillPay GmbH, provider of payment solutions in the online trade, cooperate with toys shipping D-toy. According to many reports D-toy toys shipping also noted in the media about unsafe payment methods when shopping online, that more and more customers abandoned the ordering process, because so far not offered payment. Since when D-toy, much emphasis is placed on customer satisfaction, owner David Pennartz wanted to meet his customers and them offer one of the most popular and most customer-friendly payment methods with the purchase invoice. This is possible since January 2011 fully in cooperation with the supplier BillPay. So the customer can order securely, without having to transmit sensitive data, such as account data, in the order process. The purchase invoice is also faster, because the shop owner must not only wait for payments, what ever can take 2-3 business days to complete, but can send the goods immediately. D toy is “Specialist for toys made in Germany” and offers its customers security through toys, which is free of pollutants. You play on the safe side”the motto of the company. And this is evident not only in the products, but also by the offered purchase on account..