Catholic Theology

Moreover, there flourished a stream eager to canonize all leading figure in the religious sphere, for it was local, as a competition to see who holier could … and funny thing, many friends have pointed to Catholic theology courses with the intent to engage in teaching and the spread of Catholicism. I heard amazing stories from friends and acquaintances lived during the visit of Pope John Paul II to Chile, such as ensuring that they saw him levitate while praying in a chapel or how they could clearly see a bright aura around him … I can not separate the idea of religion as a superstition, and when people feel educated and intelligent show a total subordination and devotion towards religion, it gives me a feeling of lack of intellectual freedom in his person. Of course, I think smarter and much less with more knowledge or knowledge that religious people "believers", but I was intrigued by the fact that something so clear and simple as the enormous improbability of the existence of gods, higher beings, deities , demons, aliens, ghosts, etc.., given the wealth of knowledge and scientific information available today, there are still many people who accept these beliefs without even questioning them.

My conclusion is that people like to believe and force something that should be a feeling, believing or not believing, making something legal, obligation. You have to believe. Mal I was in Chile where I could never give vent to my case without crashing against the solid wall of the faith, but I have it worse now residing five years ago in this charming country called Costa Rica and where are the palm religiosity.