Universidad Austral

Member of the Board of Agrarian Reform. On March 1, 1936 was elected president of the Diputacion Provincial de Albacete. On October 16, 1937 was appointed Director General for Contentious. In that year he married the young Emilia Moreno Fernandez. During the war he was dean of the College of Lawyers of Albacete. He worked in numerous publications such as El Progreso, Altozano, Agora, Republic and El Eco del Pueblo.

On 16 October 1935 Press Association organized the Floral Games of Albacete, where he was awarded as a poet. After the war is on the road of exile, he went to France and then to board the legendary Taiwan, with a large group of Spanish exiles arrived in late December 1939, Buenos Aires, where he continued to Chile. Of his move across the Atlantic let this memory: “A line of foam / impassive in the green / yawn / smoke in the tedium of the day. / And nothing else. Desert …” He was professor of literature at the University of Chile and the newly created Universidad Austral de Chile.

In 1956 he founded the School of Philosophy and Education at the Universidad Austral de Chile, appointed him dean for life, and co-founded with Professor Guillermo Araya magazine Philological Studies. He wrote the lyrics of the Universidad Austral de Chile: “Because it achieves our ideal / of a great and happy Chile / Youth of this southern land / gives its generous effort …” He belonged to the group editor Spain Free, a biweekly newspaper published in Santiago de Chile, from February to December 1942, which brought the book review. He was elected to the Chilean Academy of Language. The next morning the pinochetazo suffered a heart attack, to inform his wife that his son was one of those missing in one of the first raids Pinochet. Later, the child would be found in the extermination camp called Valparaiso. Between 1921 and 1922 Eleazar Huerta published his first poems in the newspaper El Progreso. In 1934 he published his Cancionero guy. His second poetry collection, Book of Alo, dated 1939, was not published until 1992 by the Diputacion Provincial de Albacete. In Chile published, among his most important works, Poetics of Mio Cid (1948), a book dedicated to his wife with this dedication: “you deserve you, as Ximena, the gift of Valencia, but I just I can offer this essay on the poem of our great Desterrrado “and with that same love comes and brings us closer to the hero, Schema Poetics (1966), Inquiries epic: the epic wonder and revealingly in the Iliad and the Poema del Cid (1968). Among his philological studies cite: Cervantes, life and creation, basic fiction, genres of spoken words and the symbolism of the hand in Becquer. And as the poet said banish: “We passed Spain / in front of Denia and its upright mountain … / The cloud was lost / erased parental / Goodbye, my beautiful one, / my heart watches over you.” Francisco Arias Solis Where liberty dwells, there is my homeland.