The Wealth Of The Future

And it has arrived the year 3,025, seems to lie, it is as if it were yesterday, if he is alive would count with 1,069 years, but fortunately it is not Yes. Extinguishes life on the planet, slowly, as always and with this art as we knew it, and so many thousand years ago. Now most renowned artists are those, based on photographic files models and one to another natural specimen with terrible genetic damage or any history of the few existing old which assert remember such or which characteristics of individuals, either animals or plants, they manage to make the most reliable and amazing reproductions of flowers, fruits, plants and animals for psychological enjoyment of these generations, in an accelerated process of extinction. Already the halls of art are only dedicated to contemporary biological, who could imagine that a Leonardo da Vinci or a Vangogh would lose their immortal force and that his works were to be discarded like that of billions of artists worldwide, already of these nor spoken, not have been or for history. Who would dare say? The drawing and the painting itself and as such would be lost, as well as all two-dimensional work wiping off the face of the Earth; only the technology in the employment of the doblegacion of more sophisticated materials they prevail in a search for biological tridimencionalidad biological, pseudo, because artistic confrontations are nothing more than mere imitation of nature, good imitations but not so good so that they can serve as food or be producing simple but essential air for life; Finally the man has given has in space there is nothing to find and only within if everything is the same, too bad it’s too late. Already by world Governments Decree, only artworks may be biological, three-dimensional, sizes, shapes and natural colours. And the awards of the salons are no more cash (at this time the money as such, practically no meaning). The awards are in small plants and Award-winning artist you cazares of live animals of the few prevailing species, under pain of death and that proven negligence let that the precious award who would say in those times where abundabas plants and animals die that some being of this world would feel proud and even envied by possessing a grass, a bird or a beautiful flower.