Stephanie Kirchner

This approach could have a very disturbing. Even for this experienced media themselves, such contacts be far as smooth and without a trace. Quite on the contrary.” So these medial gifted person will at night again startled by bizarre dream images or even suddenly wide awake flooded by an intense feeling of concern, it was as inexplicable as indescribable. This dark foreboding would even regularly through tangible news in the light of the next day to the certainty: you’ve heard already? Or passed away last night…” A comprehensive offer accompanied her through coordinated Internet offerings with the Second Edition new magazine Stephanie Kirchner proves that she remains faithful to its concept, its readers every month one striking to present realistic theme mix: in addition to the contacts with the hereafter ‘ we dedicate ourselves in the November issue of the question what really has it to with the astrology. Matching we print detailed, individually calculated horoscopes for each zodiac signs again on several dozen pages. Also the famous fortune teller Christine Trensch questions to our readers. “And as a grand finale, we deliver even a special titled, herbs ‘, authored by Natascha Elliott.” But has reached the pleasure of reading his end of it? By no means! For the curious reader will devour the recipes with a special esoteric background with security as well”as the tricky crossword puzzle. The four-sided health special report will prove very useful, which brings the reader alternative therapies for adults, children and animals.

Last but not least we put extensive dream dictionary, which we launched in the first edition”, promises Stephanie Kirchner. Stephanie Kirchner the goal to create their help holistic pursued with all their activities. Their new spirit & life magazine”understands it as attractive, but not long ago only one facet of their offer. “” That namely, stressed the Publisher from the Westerwald, keep up with the online supplement of their magazine consistently on the Internet see “as well as the portal”.