Senior Vice President

The Quick shift to online banking in the UK gave the big banks another reason for closing down its branches in many parts of the country. One believes the official figures, at least a branch was closed in the past 20 years every single working day. Since 1990, 7,000 branches of closures were affected. Recently, Barclays closed 22 stores in the six weeks before the end of the first quarter. This is money and financial mail have campaigned ceaselessly for this, to hold the banks to close even the last Bank in town, because so that one could deny access to important local services who do not vary and are dependent on them, and also the elderly. Today there are 1,000 cities and towns in which there is no single bank branch. Another 1,100 have only a branch and 500 have just all two bank branches. Already 24 small towns and villages of the big banks were abandoned this year.

The customers are not satisfied. In a survey declared 89 percent of the readers of this is money, that they also continue to use the branch. 37 per cent, i.e. the largest share of 800 respondents even indicated that they often go in the store. Banks can again become an integral part of the local communities.

For this they must be but a more relaxing, entertaining and inviting place”, explains Vanessa Walmsley, Senior Vice President of mood media. “Our services already found world’s great appeal in the retail and tourism industries. There is nothing that will prevent us from repeating a similar success in the financial sector. We are already in negotiations with famous brands.” This is money readers are probably already fascinated by the idea of scents that blow through the air. This tactic was perfected by the supermarkets, which thereby attract hungry customers in the bakery shop. Walmsley wants to exclude none of the options and assumes first that music will be the starting point. She says: Silence can provide discomfort among customers. Music in the store customers can grasp with more confidence, when they talk about personal financial matters, because they know that she can hear no one else except the Bank Adviser.”of course then it depends of the demographic profile of the customers of the Bank. We can offer lively redesigned to attract especially families with young children, or also raised the banks with high net worth individuals, or for a relaxing atmosphere in banks with higher customer age provide. The possibilities are endless.” If the initial rollout of the success is crowned, he already promises so Walmsley, could follow soon holograms and top modern terminals with touch screens that detect when a customer is outside the Terminal via a sensor inside the glass cover, and then automatically enable for the interaction with the customer.