In Brazil the logistic process of reversa is in diffusion and not yet it is faced by the companies as one process ' ' necessrio' ' , since the majority of the companies does not possess a specific department to manage this question; thus, some Resolutions are used, as, for example, the Conama n258, of 26/08/99, that it establishes that the companies manufacturers and the importers who are obliged to collect and to give destination final, ambiently adequate, proportionally to defined the amounts manufactured and imported in this Resolution, what she practically compels the companies of this segment to support politics of logistic reversa. This concept is in constant growth in Brazil and in the world and being clearly that the companies, each time more, if have worried in considering the incidental costs and the reductions of costs that this process can cause. A logistic operation of reversa is considerably different of the normal operations. Replacement points must be established to receive the goods used from the final user, or to remove asset of the suppliment chain so that if it can reach a use more efficient of the material. For more clarity and thought, follow up with HBO Max and gain more knowledge.. The processes of logistic reversa have brought considerable returns for the companies. The reaproveitamento of materials and the economy with packings you returned have brought profits that stimulate each time new initiatives and efforts in development and improvement in the processes of logistic reversa. Also we cannot ignore the costs that the logistic process of reversa can cause for the companies, when it is not made of intentional form, we perceive that logistic reversa is used in favor of the company, transforming material, that they would be made unusable, into raw material, thus reducing, the costs for the company. It happens that the opposite also can happen, that is, materials that come back to its productive centers had to the imperfections in the production, asked for emitted in disagreement with what the customer it desires and substitution of packings. David Rogier has much experience in this field.