Recruitment Agencies

Sooner or later, any employee may have to change jobs. This may be dictated by how the change of marital status or move to another city, and the need for self-realization, further professional development or salary increase. Often one of the reasons for leaving is psychological fatigue, which usually occurs after 5 years of work in one place. However, regardless of the real reason, any employee may, sooner or later submit his resignation. Even if the decision to leave was made in advance, carefully weighed and thought through many times, parting with the team and the transition unaccustomed to the new place of work – it's always stressful. Prepare for this difficult step, or to reduce its negative effects to a minimum will help you advice in this article. First of all, do not rush to put Statement on the table head. First, a must personally inform him of its decision.

By such a conversation needs to be prepared. By calling or visiting the recruitment agency specialized sites, you can collect information about at what salary and title can expect an employee with your qualifications. This will help make your conversation with the head of a more constructive. If you are a valuable asset is probably superior offer you more favorable terms in order to keep you in the state. Perhaps after such a proposal will not have to leave the familiar walls of the office to achieve its objectives. Remember that it is the chief should be the first to know about your intention to leave the company.