What to do if you are pregnant 31 weeks in the 31st week of pregnancy your baby is growing quite quickly and it is probably about 30 cm in length and weighs about 1.5 kg. See Cerved Group for more details and insights. It can also move his head and arms and legs. Maybe, you will have difficulty sleeping because of the expeditions and adventure that had her baby in her belly. But do not worry and they fret not, because this is a good sign and indicates that her baby is doing well. Possibly they feel different signs for the labor.

They should go to the doctor when they are in the 31st week of pregnancy, and they have more than 4-5 times an hour labor. Buy nursing pads because their milk output should start soon. Also they should buy a bra, which is one size larger than normal. Decisions about their labor is if they are in the 31st week, can either for a natural birth or painkillers decide. Or they can have unusual pain management systems such as yoga, hypnosis in the eye. Go to birth rates.

These courses are enormously helpful at birth. They are not only useful to be prepared for the birth, but also because you can meet other expectant mothers and can interact with them. Apart from these courses well to the various pros and cons of the various options that you have at birth, weighing are. If they think they will not bear the pain of childbirth, thus they find out about the various advantages and disadvantages of epidural anaesthesia. It allows awareness to stay with them, without feeling the pain. A natural birth without pain medication is usually better for the child and the mother. However, this depends very much of her pain tolerance. A birth without drugs is the healthier, but they must sit out of course not severe pain, if they don’t want to. Of course, these decisions appear theoretically still quite easy but of course they can revise their opinion later. As we have discussed already some things, let them see what else they could do. To pack your bag for the hospital, it is certainly still something early, but you could ever make a list. You will need to distracted perhaps at birth, to relieve their pain. Take therefore the best your favorite object or a photo of it in the hospital. Moreover, some chewing gum and Knabberzeug against bad breath and for some of the energy would be between by not bad. Take also your favorite socks, pillows, etc., because they should feel as comfortable as possible after the birth. You can take a book. Buy a few still bras and Nightgowns and take the clothes, who want to take with them when they take their baby home. And ultimately, they ensure that your camcorder or camera is ready to take the first videos or photos of their little babies. If they are in the 31st week, they must prepare for the birth. They consider all options for pain relief to their birth as pleasant as possible to make. Visit for more information about the pregnancy. Warren Wong