Noel Papa Christmas

PATROL The preparativeses for the commemoration of the Christmas already were advanced the adults, in ours small city, was pledged with tenacity in the decoration. As always, they argued: The Christmas if commemorates, if it celebrates, or if festeja? But it was not arrived at the conclusion and the quarrel was for the following Christmas. For we, children, these days cost to pass; they transcorriam slowly, because we were waiting something, that would only arrive in the night of Christmas. All the year we made exaggerated lists of order, but we waited that Noel Papa in them brought one three gifts, or, if not of this, at least two. But in that year vov passes us a discomposure, remembering to us of our traquinagens. That present we would have to earn, for terms moored sineta of silver to the tail of the cat? The coitado one, frightening, jump for half hour, until obtaining to free the knot.

We see for the first time, with our proper eyes, what it is the terror. that prize> Vou I, to speak with Noel Papa, when it to appear in the esquina, the night of Christmas. I go, to decide this case! threatens pointing us the lean pointer. Mother had been more comedida. She said that only well held children had right to the gifts; many others they more than deserved them what in. Papa was fixed.

This year Noel Papa is very poor. He did not obtain money. Thus, nothing of toys. Vov gave to us to a letter, written in trembling letter – (it pulls, Noel Papa is exactly very old) confirming that ours toys would be given three boys: one, sick one; other, very poor, third, optimum pupil of the school. The frustration was great. my cousin, alrgico to the injustices, was rebelled Decides that we would go to face the Velhinho face the face, in one talks serious.