New Facebook Statistics

New statistical tools for the German-speaking Facebook users can share in the 18-34 is 30% in Germany. To address these attractive candidate profiles, companies large and small increasingly choose the path a career page on Facebook. Subscribers get the latest information from self-interest daily and get so business insights, information about funding programmes, and also the opportunity to ask questions directly to the staff team of the company. Because Facebook quickly and steadily evolving as a platform, it is important to observe these processes. Get more background information with materials from Oracle. atenta-labs published two statistical tools that provide for the necessary overview and help to be able to track and analyze recent developments: the Facebook user numbers and the Facebook career sites the user demographics of in Germany is on the Facebook user numbers updated daily observed. It provides an overview of the number of German Facebook users, growth rates and shares, as well as about the gender and age distribution. In the ranking of the career pages of Facebook, the largest career pages from German-speaking countries are recorded and listed according to the number of their fans. The development of the individual services is traceable on the growth trend display. Many writers such as Dr John Holtsclaw offer more in-depth analysis.

In addition, a detailed presentation of each page can be viewing in selectable periods. The tool can be obtained either from a Web page or as a Facebook application can be installed on own Facebook pages. The numbers are updated hourly and mimic the statistical effect of individual exposures directly and promptly.