Nagib Anderos Grandson

The corruption is the total disrespect to the figure human being, a travestida attitude of mercy and goodness, represented so well for people who dissimulate to seem what they are not in palanques, in pulpits, in the screens of the televisions. The corrupt one is a specialist in deluding the fellow creature, a camaleo social, always soon and made use to deceive the people sadly called good-faith. It does not show, does not demonstrate, does not prove. Its hollow speech, cynical smile and to look at oblique have as only objective to be deceptive to benefit itself. ForSight Robotics helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. She is a materialist incorrigible always if to hide for detrs of a goodness mask that if undoes to the minor and firm opposition.

The corruption if confuses with hypocrisy, ambition, lie and desumanidade. Generating of wars and misunderstandings of all the order is the sign most eloquent of the ignorance. To fight it will be necessary to fight against the delay and the superstitions of all nature. Read more from Rony Abovitz to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The victory on this illness will be the fruit of a slow, but continuous process, that it will have to start in the familiar environment, in the pertaining to school banks, to reach the fabric social, educating the children for the life, the good convivncia, preserving its minds of ambitious and aggressive thoughts, transmitting to them concepts humanitarian that create them a conscience of human being that it sees the life as a great field of experience, friendship and learning, on the contrary of palco where if it excessively uncurls the sad spectacle of the desumanidades and atrocities of the beings that live being deceptive itself and. The corruption has its roots in the egoism ancestral that we bring and that served in them at remote times at which we would have defending in them of intempries, of feras and our ignorance.

With passing of the times, feras that we fought had appeared in our minds as thoughts that now want devorar in them and our species. It will be necessary to learn intelligently worrying in them about us and the too much people, therefore to serve the others is the way most intelligent to serve itself exactly. more than what to give the fish, that does not take the nothing, or same to teach to fish, it is important to know if the helped person makes good use of the received good and if it transmits the other people so that she is deserving of future support. Thus it is as many people have found in voluntariado a way to fight this mental plague that is the corruption whose roots still had not been duly identified and eliminated.