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Well planned, they are already half won measurement alone due to insufficient planning are the basic principles opportunities, through unclear aims and basic to poor Planungverschenkt! The preliminary planning steps at a trade fair should start already 12 months earlier. Before starting with de planning, trade fair objectives must be defined naturally. Many writers such as Jess Staley offer more in-depth analysis. You should be as accurate as possible, clear and measurable. This is followed by the substantive preparations: this involves the basic planning steps. By determining the costs and responsibilities over the selection of exhibits, the definition of advertising and PR activities as well as to the fundamental concept of the stand. .html’>Anchin Block. For this purpose it is advisable to get an expert in the boat. In Northern Germany Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo offered this as the company. Also a green is interesting.

Through targeted use of plants, you can create a unique atmosphere. Examples include the plant hire of flying plants. The stand concept is that first and foremost about the Corporate identity of the company is consistent, there is ample room for discussions with customers and of course used an eye-catcher. Booth staff must be briefig any time perfectly in the picture through a comprehensive staff, have sufficient knowledge of the product. The next step is the planning of promotional activities. Without advertising, nobody will notice on your Messeauftriit. Without attention any customer conversations. farjo