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The Germans are unsure of themselves. Meanwhile, 42 percent of employees assume that their retirement later not to life is sufficient. Magdeburg, 22.10.2013. These are four percentage points more than in 2012. Only 18 per cent of the 5800 respondents believe the pension well or very well to earn their living. Three-quarters of people think poverty in Germany already today widespread. Nine out of ten respondents expect future growing poverty in old age.

However, seem to be not very ambitious the Germans to take out life insurance: due to persistently low interest rates, nearly half of all workers will no longer expand private retirement savings. Life insurance have namely lost much prestige due to the low interest rate environment. Only 11 percent think she even particularly profitable”. Therefore, only five percent of Germans still plan to complete a classic life insurance with capital payout. Only nine percent of the professionals, interested in a private Riester pension who want to build their retirement savings. These are alarming figures.

Real estate are, however, in the course. This is the result of the Postbank study pensions in Germany”, which was released on Monday for the tenth time. Your own four walls is the most popular form in Germany now by far, to provide for old age. Every three workers who increasingly want to ensure, wants to build a house or an apartment, or buy to move there themselves. This is almost more than five years ago. Reasons were favourable financing possibilities and the rent-free housing for the elderly. Ranked savings as well as the purchase of real estate are two and three of the popularity scale accordingly, to rent out. About two-thirds of Germans see the own four walls as the ideal form of pensions”. Who a is not directly buy real estate, but by the system”would like to benefit, is right at the MCM investor Management AG. It has also small investors”the possibility in the profitable real estate market to invest. Professional advisors such as MCM investor Management AG can balance risks and opportunities thanks to its wide knowledge base and assist in the decision. Trends and current developments are also taken into account.