Joseph S. Blatter Welcomes World Salon Football World Religion

on November 8 at the home of FIFA in Zurich, personally, the world Salon is opened in Zurich on November 7, 2013. Unconditional approaches to the reconciliation of the religions of the world by the world currency”football be developed by international experts with the guests from all areas of society. On 8 November, the world Salon guest is in the home of FIFA – the first station for the international dissemination of the world Salon statements. FIFA President Joseph Blatter will welcome participants personally. Today, football is the number one worldwide sport. Football creates unique way identity and connects people from all groups and Nations.

Continue to the cultures and religions of our world distinguish historically caused deep differences among themselves. At the world show is disktuiert to reconcile how the growing enthusiasm for football can help our competing religions and societies. International experts and experts Dr. Jacqueline Bailey Alaoui. Goodwill Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, outspoken Football fan. Dr. Contact information is here: Raymond W. McDaniel Jr.. Prince ASFA-Wossen Asserate.

Member of the Ethiopian imperial family, political analyst and best-selling author (“manners, German virtues). Prof. Dr. Klaus-Michael Bogdal. Literary scholar, winner of the Leipzig Book Prize for European understanding (Europe invents the Gypsies”). Winfried Schafer. Success coach of Karlsruher SC, African champions as coach of Cameroon, runners-up Southeast Asia as Thai coach. Martina Voss-Tecklenburg. Triple footballer of the year. Since 2012 Swiss football total. World Salon founder Dr. Christina Zech. Their concern is to connect different worlds. With people of from different disciplines and Nations, she developed ideas and concepts to improve the living conditions of the people at historic key locations worldwide. She is President of the Association connecting worlds, Editor, marketing expert and host of appeal. The Association connecting worlds aims, by combining worlds for the unconditional central questions of our time to finding sustainable solutions. More world salons follow tradition of the salons of the enlightenment in the modern form of this world. Worlds join Club