Home Automation

‘pocket home’ – app for eQ-3 solutions: HomeMatic devices via iPhone or iPod control blank, December 21, 2010 home control goes Apple: users of the HomeMatic home automation system of eQ-3 (www.eQ-3.de) can instantly anywhere on your home network to access. Possible this makes the new iPhone / iPod app pocket home. Using this application, the users regardless of his whereabouts can control all HomeMatic actuators at his home about the mobile Apple devices. For example, the application indicates whether Windows were left open, the heater warms unused premises, the alarm system is activated or disabled or the garage door is closed. The pocket home app is available for $24.99 in the AppStore. During the return from a skiing holiday in advance enable the heating in the home and the blinds go up, in the morning to the airing close open legal window from the workplace or extend the awning on the terrace as a sunscreen in the summer from the kitchen: these are only three Examples of the numerous application possibilities of the new app. Thanks to pocket home”users have their home now always in the Pocket” and are always informed about the status of their home control system. Wherever the app user demand on the devices can be accessed.

This is communicating on the go using a VPN connection or in the House via Wi-Fi. In addition, the user service messages that inform him whether the device communication disturbances receives. “Immediately operational after pocket home” was downloaded and launched, must enter only the IP address of the HomeMatic central control unit will be, and the application automatically reads the data. These include, for example, the device names, the current system status, as well as the program scenarios saved in the control panel. After the three to four seconds synchronization, the user can pocket home”immediately use. Mobile access control scenarios with the help of the app, all controls are available the user his HomeMatic central control unit at any time at the disposal.